Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pet Peeved


As I predicted, the new addition to my household critters has not been met with universal approval.

I'd already said that the Sibe and the Persian instantly hated each other upon first meeting. And now the rest of the dogs of war have weighed in.

The battle lines are drawn thus:

I had anticipated some jealousy and territoriality from the other members of the tribe upon the arrival of this Sibe. Luckily, thus far he has been accepted by most of my dogs, with the possible exception of Chow 1 and the definite exception of my ancient Lab mutt.

The Lab has been proven to be the most problematic. He's my oldest dog, in terms of seniority, and with age has become a cranky old coot. While he has grudgingly accepted new members of the family over the years, I'm pretty sure their diminutive sizes, relative to his, played no small part in his establishing rank. It doesn't help that this young Sibe is a tad larger than he is, and enjoys the privilege of being an indoors dog. It wasn't my idea to banish the Lab outside; he had elected to stay in the backyard with the other dogs for quite sometime now, with only occasional sorties into the house - usually when it's raining outside and he can't be bothered with the damp.

And guess what kind of weather we've been having lately.

I have no problems keeping him inside again except I've had two close calls when he tried to attack the Sibe. So far the newbie has diplomatically accepted his current bottom-rung standing, but a run-in with Chow 1 one night - when he fought back when the jealous critter lunged for his tail for the nth time - proves that he won't put up with harassment forever.

Nature will run its course despite my best efforts at brokering peace, and the dogs will establish a new pecking order amongst themselves sooner or later. Which means a Battle Royale is in the offing. I already know the main combatants. The only questions left unanswered are when, how bloody, and who will achieve flawless victory.

And then of course, there's the cat. Being of the feline persuasion, he's quickly learned to stake out higher ground knowing that a murderous Sibe is just behind Door No. 2. This translates into wicker baskets and empty wine bottles being knocked off unceremoniously from the top kitchen shelves, as well as any object left atop the fridge. While I shouldn't worry too much about his instincts for self-preservation, it's not beyond him to taunt the Sibe when we're out for our daily walks, prancing, preening, and staying just out of reach while my arms and shoulders get a full workout trying to hold the big beast back. For his sake, I hope cats truly have 9 lives, because he plays with this one far too foolishly.

I feel as effective as the fucking U.N. here. And just about as impotent.

Well, if the Romans had their Pax Romana, I want my Pax Canibus.

Si vis pacem, para bellum.*

* Attributed to a quotation from Roman military writer Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus: "Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum." Literally meaning "If you want peace, prepare for war."


  1. ohh i love doggies. not so much of a cat person. i see that you have a handful of breeds. must be a party.

  2. @ eye spy : Oh, the party never stops at rudeboy's doghouse.

  3. if you're having problems with your dogs, or any of your little critters, i'd gladly adopt one of them.

    give it a thought. ;)

  4. I've always wanted a dog but can't have one where i'm at...

  5. @ engel : While my patience isn't infinite, it is long. But if and when I get to the end of my leash, I will keep your offer in mind hehe. Thanks!

  6. @ I Am Lukayo: Living in a condo, are we?

  7. Not too long, they will have their brotherhood pact, they only need adjustment. I just don't know with your feline. :D

  8. @ Mike: Ah, I hope so. Actually, the cat has been with me even longer than the other dogs - only the Lab outranks him in seniority. So they have accepted him as part of the pack, even wrestling with him sometimes until he dismisses them with a quick flick of his claws.

    I'm trying to accustom the Sibe to his presence, and so far, his initial aggression seems to have been replaced by curiosity. Then again, I'm not taking any chances - yet.

  9. yeay for huskies! theyre the best pain-in-the-ass pets evar! :D

  10. @ Herbs D: I beg to disagree. They're sweethearts. And like sluts, a little too friendly with everyone, including robbers.

    Chihuahuas, on the other hand - yipyapping pint-sized hounds from hell.

  11. kakainggit naman. may pusa na, may sibe pa. Huskies are the cutest.

  12. how do you handle them all?... especially the damage cats do to furniture

  13. @ Ming Meows : Kala ko naman sa pusa ka magre-react, yun pala partida ka rin nung Sibe ahahah.

  14. @ Rygel : Well, as I posted before, my maid does fill in as their yaya. And except for the 2 Chows and the Sibe, the other dogs stay in the backyard. No leash, of course.

    I have to take them on walks in cycles, but it's okay 'coz it gives me a little chance to exercise, too.

    As for the cat, he's remarkably housebroken. He's never scratched the furniture or cushions, although he's broken a vase or two. I've learned to let him go out at his leisure, because if I don't, he poos right in front of the main door. Not a pretty sight nor a pretty smell. His poo is the absolute worst thing about him; the stink of it really makes me want to vomit.

  15. Pussies + Eternal Wanderer = cold indifference

    Musa + Eternal Wanderer = love defined :D

  16. @ Eternal Wanderer : You do realize, of course, that only one letter separates Musa from Pusa.

    Ah, the thin line between love and indifference :D

  17. Rude: between m and p, there's still n and o, so i think i'm still quite safe hahahaha

    i'm impressed. musa is more than a handful for me already.

    how in the world do you handle 7 dogs?!

    n.b. i deliberately left out the pussy to put my point across that i'm coldly indifferent to them lolz

  18. @ Eternal Wanderer : 7 dogs = no lovelife. Or is it the other way around? Hmmmmm.

    As for pussies, I love to stroke them.

    Make of that what you will :P

  19. pussies revel in being stroked. and they scratch back when they start feeling it.

    that's why i dislike pussies ;)

  20. my dear, chihuahuas are girls' bestfriends.
    what are beaches for *insert witty Temptation island quote*, right? ;)

  21. @ Herbs D. : If they are, then why does Paris Hilton lock them in her closet and "forget" they're there until her maids can't bear the stench anymore? Heheheh.

  22. kitty! haha i can just imagine him taunting your dog. how i love cats! haha

    it seems like your house has become a regular jungle. i hope the peace talks prove fruitful. :D

  23. @ citybuoy : Actually, Nyl, there have been some positive developments in the peace talks since this post was published. Sibe's initial aggression towards the cat seems to have been replaced by a frisky curiosity. In turn, the cat has begun treating him like the other dogs: dismissively and with much contempt.

    But since curiosity killed the cat, so to speak, I'm still hedging my bets. Still...it's a good sign. The only problem now is the old Lab hmmm.