Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Animal Appeal

Well, it's about time I got in on this bandwagon.

Two bloggers I follow just recently posted on the hazards of eating burgers. I-am-beki waved goodbye to Quarter Pounders (with cheese, mind you. I don't know his stand on royale sans fromage * ), while Gibbs warned us about how burgers could shatter your life.

As an unrepentant consumer of dead animal remains, I appreciate the warnings about how beef by-products put our health at steak stake.When I am in the mood to eat (which, luckily for our animal friends, isn't often), I'm either in the mood for fine swine or something fowl. But if only Bessie is on the menu, I am not cowed by any potential bovine retribution from the grave.

Oh, don't have a cow, man!

Contrary to the exhortations of vegans, I offer no apologies for having no beef with eating something which had a face - not counting lovers past and present. Some of those I actually regret.

Besides, how can I resist? Just look at them:

Images from Thailand's Rachachuros Seasoning Campaign.

Now, offensive as these images of raw nudity must be to our vegan friends, I must ask them to respect my dietary preferences, in the same manner I scoff at respect theirs.

If we are truly what we eat, then I confess: I am an animal! An animal!! AN ANIMAL!!! MY BROTHER IS NOT A PIG!!!!

If there's a problem with that - eat me.

Buttons from The Liberal Store.

*Fromage: What a French photographer would tell his subjects to say before he presses the button.


  1. If there's a problem with that - eat me.

    Oooooh. Is that an open invitation ;)

  2. @ Eternal Wanderer : Would you like fries with that?

  3. Haha. Me likey the open invitation. Grins.

  4. @ Tristan Tan : Dining in, or take-home?

  5. i like mine medium rare. Fine, RARE! so eat me too =)

  6. @ MkSurf8 : Well, what a fine feast this is turning out to be. How much worcestershire could this possibly get? A-1 ko.

    Gravy na 'toooooooo!!!!!!!

  7. @rudeboy take home please with a two-year lease.

    @Mksurf can I eat you too? LOL.

  8. Pinagkakaguluhan ang carinderia ni rude!

    bukas sa lahat, come one, come all!


  9. @ Tristan : Gawin bang Buy One, Take One promo? Wala namang delubyo jan sa DC, ba't may hoarding? :D

    @ E.W.: Smorgasbord! All you can eat! No sharing! No leftovers!(Offer good for buffet only. Ala carte not included. See posters and flyers for details. Hurry! Offer good while supplies last!)

  10. i don't think i could ever go vegan. i don't eat vegetables.

  11. @ engel : I eat salad and the occasional cauliflower, so I'm not totally against veggies, much as I would like to be.

    Vegetarians don't eat meat, but they will drink milk and eat eggs. Vegans, on the other hand, will have nothing to do whatsoever with anything that ever came from an animal, be it eggs, milk, or even gelatin (which is made from ground up and boiled collagen taken from cow or pig bones, hooves, and connective tissues.)


  12. all this talk about food is getting into me. is your invitation still open or am i too late already?

  13. i got a problem with that.

    now, let me eat you!


    lol @ royale sans fromage

  14. i like to eat chicken... but i don't want it to be served like that hahaha.... :) nice pics...
    nice post!
    and why does everyone wanna eat you? okay i'll join na din haha ^_^''

  15. @ jonh stanley : Do you mind sloppy leftovers?

    @ i am beki: Ahahahaha thanks for your original post. Had it not been for that, I wouldn't have had my opening lines for this one. And yeah, they do serve mayonnaise with burgers in Amsterdam. I dunno about Paris, I don't recall eating anything there. So much for the vaunted French cuisine.

    @ Mr. Scheez : Are you soft and chewy, or hard and crunchy?

    @ jinnakexds3 : Why does everyone here sound hungry? They must be gluttons...for punishment. :D

  16. rawr. imma eatcha! *glob glob glob*

    ive been vegan. yes, vegan. for four months & its the best feeling ever. besides that fact of trying to steal some meat out of the fridge every now & then.

    but yea! fucking awesome. its like anorexia, only better!

  17. p.s. I was vegan not because I love animals, but because I hate vegetables!

  18. I can be whatever you want me to be. (i'm such a cock tease) LOL!

  19. I see we're still taking bites out of this subject! Love your appetites.

    @ Herbs D. : You're a vegan? Srsly? Does your non-consumption of meat have anything to do with that burnout you were complaining about? Because I remember Margaret Cho once ribbing: "Do you know why vegans are so angry? Because they're hoooonnggggggraaaayyyyy!!!" *ducks*

    @ Mr. Scheez : I'd like to eat you with some fava beans and a nice Chianti, then.

  20. Syet! I find Hannibal Lecter sexy pa naman. LOL!

    Word Verification: soutte - igisa mo daw muna ako. LOL!

  21. @ Mr. Scheez : You will tell me when the lambs stop screaming - won't you, Clarice?

  22. Hello, Knoxxy, and welcome to my blog. I can't wait to see what you write in yours.

  23. no one should have to apologize for eating meat. haha as an unapologetic meat lover, go go go! :D

  24. @ city buoy : Well, hello there, stranger! How've you been, Nyl?