Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Raining Meteors

More good news from your impending Apocalypse.

Twenty days ago, according to the Telegraph , "scientists had no clue a thirty-foot meteor was hurtling toward the Earth until it exploded with the force of 50,000 tons of TNT, in the atmosphere."

Scientists are concerned that it was not spotted by any telescopes, and that had it been larger it could have caused a disaster.

Luckily, due to the height of the explosion – estimated at between 15 and 20 km (nine to 12 miles) above sea level – no damage was caused on the ground.

However, if the object had been slightly larger – 20 to 30 metres (60 to 90ft) across – it could easily have caused extensive damage and loss of life, say researchers.

Very few objects smaller than 100 meters (300ft) across have been spotted and catalogued by astronomers.

Looks like this is a good time as any to review your Bucket Lists. Or snag that elusive boyfriend. Or finally decide if you're gay, straight, curious, bi, confused, or mineral.

Me, I'm going to look at cars.


  1. things to do before 2012:

    1. pet engel's parrot.
    2. go to the spa with john stanley.
    3. hug xtian.
    4. diddle rude's light saber.

    in no particular order of course.

    best if done together simultaneously.


  2. uhhh sorry but what's mineral?

  3. @ Eternal Wanderer: Tick, tock, click cock.

  4. @ engel : Animal, vegetable, or mineral?

  5. i have no idea.

    and why are y'all still awake at this time?

    i'm at work.

  6. @ engel : Ternie must still be out streetwalking. Me, I'm actually working. No rest for the wicked, as you know.

  7. love your job!!! tsk tsk too bad wasn't able to penetrate that when i graduated. oh well.

  8. @ engel : "Penetrate." There you go, talkin' all dirty again and gettin' me all hot and bothered.

  9. fine. next time i'll bring a thesaurus when i visit your blog to comment. we don't want rudeboy to be hot and bothered. =P

  10. @ engel: Of all the dinosaurs the last meteor strike ever wiped out, the Thesaurus is the one I don't feel sorry for. It was such a know-it-all, always irritating the T-Rex by offering choices between "maul", "mangle", and "eviscerate."

  11. Rude: eviscerate me with your light-saber.


    p.s. i gave up on streetwalking. times are a-too dangerous. i run my own brothel now lolz

  12. Haha siguro before mag 2012 nakiata mo man lang isa sa inyo. Kase balak ko makipagkilala pag handa na ako haha.

    Kaya konting antay pa sa hug natin ternie.

    Hindi ko din gets 'yung mineral.

  13. i guess its time for me to conquer this world & make everyone my slaves.

  14. ahahahaha i'd rather dance and wait for 2012.... that would be a glorified death for us all....

    @ Herbs... gawin mo akong kanang kamay mo bebigurl ha.... puhleeeeeeease....:)

  15. i think year 2027, an asteroid will approach earth's orbit really really close

  16. @ Eternal Wanderer : Nice to hear you've become entrepreneurial. So what discounts can we expect from Casa Ternie?

    @ xtian1978iii : Ano pa'ng ipinaghahanda mo? Wag ka nang mag-abala, ito naman o. I'm sure ikaw pa lang, ulam na.

    @ Herbs D. : Yes. But first, the visa.

    @ Yj : Really, if a gigantic boulder of death was inevitably hurtling towards earth, I don't think I'd bother to hide. I'd probably just bring a bottle or two of wine and find the nicest vantage spot to watch our incoming doom.

    @ dabo : Yes, I read about that, too. It's supposed to do a fly-by on - guess what - Friday the 13th.

  17. Rude: sure.

    it's gonna be a cum one, cum all special come meteor day!


  18. I guess what rude meant by mineral is that there already so many classifications of the third sex - halos kasing dami ng mga minerals. LOL! *ang labo ko*

  19. @ Mr. Scheez : THANK YOU!!! Although in retrospect, maybe I should've said the periodic table of elements instead heheheh.

  20. a little morbid but i've learned to expect darker posts from this side of the interweb. :D

    "Or finally decide if you're gay, straight, curious, bi, confused, or mineral."

    i think i want to be.. hmm.. barium. pwedeng element na lang? haha