Thursday, September 24, 2009

Full House

Pictured: Not me, not my dogs

If you bother to read profiles, you would have read that mine says "Harassed father to six psychotic dogs, and one snotty cat."

Make that seven dogs.

I've always wanted a Siberian Husky but, given the longevity of dogs, I've had to wait years for vacancies in my kennel. But Huskies just weren't available whenever a beloved member of my little pack flew off to Dog Heaven. True, just months ago I lost three new puppies to parvo, but they were quickly replaced by two Chows. Two stubborn, rambunctious brothers who have been my constant companions in the study room where I work, hammer out this blog, and surf for porn. I have spent more quality time with these two than any other dog I've ever owned; not just because I love them (oh, puh-leeeze), but more because I wanted to ensure I would not lose any more battles with parvo. So for the past two months they've been living in a dog crib behind me, snoring like pigs when they sleep, as I peck away at this keyboard.

There they will remain, quarantined from the rest of my mutts until I'm convinced they're in the safe zone. I have never mopped up and sprayed odor-concealer and picked up so much poo in my life. I must admit this is the first time I have ever taken this much of a hands-on approach to dog care, and fulfilled the "harassed father" moniker in my bio. Normally, once they're housebroken and more importantly, know who's boss, my dogs get relegated to the care of their yaya - my fortunately-doting maid - and only see me for the occasional hugs, playtime, and trips to the vet.
My children, if ever I have any, will most likely meet the same fate.

Crate training is not the same as housebreaking, though. While the Chows have made great progress in terms of obedience and potty times, they still have little "accidents" whenever I let them have a trial run of the house. So it's always back to the crate until they learn that pee-pee and poo-poo are a no-no in the housey.

All three of us are lucky that I got them at the start of an extended work hiatus. I don't acquire any new pets during toxic periods at work because one needs to devote sufficient quality time for bonding and training. It is imperative that new members of my canine clan learn to recognize me as the alpha dog, and that in our pack, my word is law.

Anyhow, I'm on the cusp of the last onslaught of work for the year. Looking at my project list, we'd be lucky to finish all productions by first week December. So as I was bracing for this last-quarter storm, I get a call from a friend:

"You like dogs, right?"
"Would you like a Siberian Husky?"

She might as well have asked me if I wanted a Lamborghini.

My friends know me a little too well, sometimes. Of the seven dogs and one cat in my current menagerie, half are adoptees entrusted to me by friends for sanctuary. The reasons cited range from "I can't keep the poor thing any more because my kid developed allergies to the fur." to "They won't let me keep pets at the new condo I'm moving to, eh." And all entreaties end with "I know naman you'll take good care of him."

I'm the fucking Angelina Jolie of dogs.

So now I have a new mouth to feed. Thank God none of them ever need to go to college. And good for this Sibe, I've always hankered for one of his kind (you couldn't get me to adopt a Rottweiler, a chihuahua, or a pit bull for love or money.) Sibes are a very friendly, clean, and most importantly, intelligent breed.

Just one catch at the moment, though. Sibes have a strong prey instinct, and must be introduced to small animals like cats at an early age. This Sibe is already a strapping one-year old, and the moment he and the cat locked eyes it was hate at first sight. All the dogs that have ever passed through this house have managed to accept my furry feline as a meowing member of the pack. For his sake, I hope it's not too late for him and this Husky to reach a d├ętente.

Otherwise, I might end up with seven dogs. And a late, lamented Persian.


  1. My rhodesian ridgeback is a pain in the ass with stangers and stray cats.

    But i love him weeeee

  2. i want to have a great dane. kaso mukhang mahal.

  3. i have a dalmatian. stupid dog hehe like the owner

  4. House rules forbid to own more than two dogs and two cats. We only accept a pair.

    Want some Askal puppies? Lol

  5. Wow, how nice to see fellow-dog lovers here!

    @ Eternal Wanderer : I've read that Ridgebacks are loyal and intelligent, but can be aloof to strangers. I don't come across that breed very often in the local dog forums I browse; where'd you get yours and how long have you had him?

    @ Mr. Scheez: I've no idea how much a Great Dane goes for in the local market. Check out, they might have a listing. We had a Great Dane once - gentle giant. But she died.

    @ Rygel : Hahah dalmatians! They're very nervous and hyperactive, I heard, that's why I passed on getting one. Pero cute! Does that make you Cruella deVille, then?

    @ Knox : I'd love to help you out, but as the title of this post says : "Full House." :P

  6. i love dogs too yknow. well,no. pets in general. i had 4 mice, 3 turtles, two goats, one cow, two chicken, five dogs, & 7 birds growing up.

    in terms of insects naman- bettles, baby cockroaches (which i assume snails when i was a kid), a baby snail, and countless spiders rin.

    im not even kidding.

  7. i don't have a dog that's been bred, but we do have alot of mongrels.

    but if i'm given one i'd choose a lab or a golden retriever.

  8. @ Herbs D.: I believe you! I think kids should grow up with some kind of animal as a pet - it teaches them how to care for another creature.

    @ engel : Mongrels can be just as lovable and just as loyal as purebreds. Although Labs and Retrievers remain tops in terms of pure dog loyalty and friendliness.

  9. dogs, i wonder why i don't fancy them.

  10. naiinggit naman ako... from a dog lover too.

  11. "I'm the fucking Angelina Jolie of dogs."
    -hahaha that line made me laugh ^_^

  12. i have 7 japanese spitz. can you imagine kapag kumakahol sila nang sabay-sabay? nakakaloka, ang ingaaay!!! but i love them all. :)

  13. poor persian! :'c i'm more of a cat person so my money's on kitty. haha

    angelina jolie of dogs.. lol. haha

  14. Hey all. I just back from somewhere I'm gonna write about in my next few entries. Prepare to be bored.

    @ john stanley : Not all people are dog lovers. Some are cat people. And then there are the rest. Like people who love salamanders.

    @ wanderingcommuter: You got dogs, too?

    @jinnakeds3: Hahah thanks! And thanks for reading my dog story.

    @ Aris : Tindi mo! I only have one Spitz and he's already a handful. Good thing I train my dogs early on that incessant barking is a cardinal sin in this house. Otherwise...haaaay.

    @citybuoy: At least someone's on kitty's side heheh. I've been gone for three days and he's thankfully still alive, so...maybe there's hope. Otherwise, he still has 8 lives left.

  15. well what are kittys if not tenacious.

  16. @ citybuoy : My Persian would like to thank you for being on his side, but he's too busy being snotty.

  17. haha cuute! i can just imagine him with his nose in the air all smug and stuff. :D

  18. @ citybuoy : Well, he let his guard down earlier and actually received my petting and stroking with grateful purrs. The felonious furball missed me, too, I know it!

    Except I just came back from the kitchen for a drink to find oranges strewn all over the floor. Guess who knocked over a fruit basket so he could sleep atop the fridge?