Thursday, October 8, 2009

Holy Cow!

This must be a sign.

Just yesterday I posted an apologia entry inspired by beef patties and the heathens who love them, and guess what I run into today:

Pic from imnotsayin. Some rights reserved.

Apparently, some Brazilian creatives like their ads the way they like their burgers: half-cooked and tasteless.

Or, as copyranter rails:

That’s a hell of an unpaid, unauthorized product endorsement. Wall poster inside Rio de Janeiro international airport for Bob’s, a Brazilian burger chain apparently not associated with our idolized Big Boy. Literal headline translation: “Bob’s. Brazilian as you like.” On the plus side: at least they used an illustration and not a photo of the city’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. On the negative side: well, damnation for us all. Also note, the illustrator turned Jesus’s hand so’s he could hold the blasphemous burger, a burger that the blog “i’m not sayin, i’m just sayin” says is less than divine-tasting.

Hell of a casting coup indeed. But I fear that aside from 30 silver pieces, there'd also be hell to pay.

On the positive side, I'd like to imagine that, in lieu of thunderbolts, maybe Christ O Redentor is just about to hurl that giant burger at the agency guys who took His endorsement in vain.

All I know is that if we ever tried that here, we'd be crucified sooner than you can say Deus Ex-Burger Machina.

Considering how Judeo-Christian deities react to Golden Calves, should I stop feasting on the offerings of the Golden Arches? Am I playing beef patty-cake with the heavenly hosts for gustatory sins of the flesh ?

Maybe I should find some soul food to go.

Let there be tuna, and let it be light!


  1. "Deus Ex-Burger Machina." i love it!

    i think youre just brain-washed by everyone posting all those shits about them patties. You cant just believe everything thats posted around the internet-even if theyre studies came from a well-known university or something.

    i can like. tell that what i just said was told to me by Bill Gates aka Mac-lord. See? Makes sense eh?

    But SRSLY. would you turn back on our beloved juicy, ground, beef, salmonella-infused, cancer patties? I dunno about you people, but that feeling you get from eating that burger is the shit!

    okay. i kid. im just trying to entertain myself. YOURE AWESOME! <3

  2. i know i haven't slept a wink yet since yesterday, but i have absolutely no idea what this post is about.

    sleepy or stupid. all i know is i'm now craving for mcdonald's double quarter pounder with cheese.

  3. @ Herbs D. : My dear tortured artist, surely you know by now that my tongue is firmly in cheek, whenever it's not halfway down someone else's esophagus.

    As for AWESOME, nothing could be more awesome for me than a Jollibee Champ. The juiciest, tastiest, most mouth-watering meal ever cobbled together from assorted parts of random deceased cattle.

  4. @ engel: And that's the power of advertising, for you!

  5. I want my hunk of beef.

    And I want it now! (bratinella mode)


  6. Well, there's one brazilian burger (with a pinch of wasabi) I really want - Akihiro Sato.

  7. @ Eternal Wanderer : Oh, he's coming. Soon.

    @ Mr. Scheez : I totally forgot about your Akihiro Sato fixation heheh. I don't suppose Sango! The Burger Master can whet your appetite the way Sato! The Master Burger can.

  8. can you categorize this is blasphemy? hmm... the image is just an idol. hmm.. lemme think.

    "Let there be tuna, and let it be light!"


  9. @ city buoy : Ahahahaha! I have few sacred cows, and graven images are not among them.

    After all, I am an adman, and we take pride in our irreverence.