Sunday, October 25, 2009

The B-Side

Bonus Beyonce. And the last you'll hear of F1, promise.

From The Mirror's item on Beyonce at the F1 Rocks! concert:

"On stage, Beyonce had 12 wind machines to keep her cool 
and one of her £250,000 diamond earrings flew off."

Ahhh, kaya naman pala: 

What the eff?


If you liked it, then you shoulda put an earring on it.

If you lost it, then you gotta start to look for it.

Woh-oh-oh, woh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, woh-oh-oh!

Sige, mag-Whipping Wanda* ka pa. 

*Whipping Wanda: The term used to describe a whirling, rapid circular motion of the head, thereby "whipping" one's hair around. Normally done by burlesque dancers, strippers, and former lead singers of American R&B girl groups. Also a reliable way to lose £250,000 diamond earrings and possibly, one's hair extensions.


  1. If you whip Wanda Maximoff, maybe she'll reurn all the mutant powers she took away lolz

  2. 250k earring. wow. that's just wow.

    swerte naman makakuha nung hikaw na yun.

    di obvious na di mo enjoy yung concert. =D

  3. @ Eternal Wanderer : You could whip her brains into a fine puree and that crazed mutie bitch still won't undo all the damage she's done *shakes fist at Magneto*

    @ engel : Iniisip ko nga kung covered ng insurance ang katangahan.

    Also, sinusulit ko lang yung mga pics na pinagkukuha ko hehe.

  4. I thought she was having orgasm or experiencing demonic possession. Phew, good thing she's just singing.

  5. @ Herbs D.: She was crawling on all fours onstage at that time. I thought "Hmm, that's a little too whore-y even for her." Then I came across that Mirror item and suddenly it all made sense.

  6. hala!!! haha ayan kasi si ate ang harot!

  7. haha saya nga. I love wanda even more, sana pati humans dinamay na niya

  8. What's this about whipping Wanda Maximoff? No! Haha. Ilikeher! :-)

  9. @ MakMak : Oh, don't worry. She likes it, too.

  10. I'm not fond of earrings eh. Can I just have her 25K USD limited edition LV Patchwork bag? =D

  11. @ Mr. Scheez : But...but if we do that, what will she put over her head?

  12. @rudeboy, salamat sa pagdaan..le souffle?!naku, max fried chicken na ang pinaka sosyal na nakainan ko...purita kalayaan lang po ako

    btw, masyadong o-a ang lola mo, ayun kinarma siguro kaya nawala yung earrings...(im soooo mean)

  13. @ period : A mean gay man? *shocker*

  14. "But...but if we do that, what will she put over her head?"

    tumbling.... hahahaha...

    pero utang na loob, anong kinakanta niya at ganyan siya umasta?

  15. @Scheez - for a second, i felt like barfing just imagining you use a girly bag. its just soooo wrong OMG LOL

    you know what i mean, bitch <3

    @Rudeboy - weird how everything still makes sense despite the chaos & ditto what YJ asked

  16. @ Yj & Herbs. D. : I think she was singing "Ring The Alarm" at that point. IMHO, she should stop singing that song because it's the same number she was singing when she tumbled ass over weave down the stage steps in Orlando (see link in the "Le Grand Prix" post.)

  17. i bet your bouncing while writing this entry. hahaha!

  18. @ wanderingcommuter: Me? Nah, I was picking my nose.