Thursday, October 15, 2009

Signs In The Skies

So. Looks like the aliens haven't wasted any time showing signs of aggression after we bombed the moon over the weekend:

What IS that thing?

The glory hole in the ozone? The Portal Storm from Half-Life? An angelic version of Goatse*? Is it the Rapture? Where's Jesus and the trumpets of the heavenly hosts? And why is it happening in Russia? Aren't they godless communist no-goodniks?

So many questions.

Let's see what the Daily Mail has to say :

Talking to the Daily Mail, a spokesman from Moscow's weather forecasting service said: "Several fronts have been passing through Moscow recently, there was an intrusion of the Arctic air too, the sun was shining from the west - this is how the effect was produced.

"This is purely an optical effect, although it does look impressive," he added.

"If you look closer, you can see sun rays coming through that cloud. Most likely, the sun was setting when the video was being made.

"If you observe clouds regularly, you may see many other astonishing things. Clouds of the same class may look absolutely different in different areas," he said.

Actually, it looks like a Hole Punch Cloud:

Pic from neatorama

I agree that Nature creates wondrous spectacles all the time. Wired , for instance, has an article dealing with atmospheric phenomena that could easily be mistaken for, oh, I dunno - UFOs? They include these hauntingly-beautiful, surreal cloud formations**. Behold :

Mammatus clouds.

Lenticular cloud.

Wave clouds.

Kelvin-Helmholz wave clouds.

Pileus clouds.

Noctilucent clouds.

Morning Glory roll clouds.

Sure beats looking for animal shapes in the clouds, eh?

Pic from myamazingfact

Still, what is that stunningly-beautiful yet oddly-threatening spectacle over Moscow?

Hell if I know. All I know is that "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, that are dreamt of in your philosophy." ***

Just keep watching the skies.

* Goatse: You don't wanna know.
**Photo credits in Wired article.
***Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5.


  1. maybe that's what they want us to think. it's just some harmless strange cloud formation. when really, we're already being invaded. =D

    great timing on nature's part. makes people go paranoid. (insert x-files soundtrack)

  2. @ engel : Actually, I don't trust anything any government ever says. And some alien conspiracists say extraterrestrials have been among us for quite sometime now. Maybe religion is just based on aliens - chariots in the sky, superior beings ascending on light beams, etc. etc.

    Whatever it is, I find reading conspiracy theories intriguing. I don't necessarily believe in them, but my job requires me to think out of the box, so it's an interesting diversion.

    On a selfish note, I would appreciate knowing if the world will end soon so I can max out my credit cards on frivolous things. Like cars.

  3. Rude: rapture me. please.

    oh, take me on a spin on your new car first.


  4. @ Eternal Wanderer : Fast cars do go well with loose men :P

  5. Awtz.

    I think I'll be sticking to a vintage Volks then. For I am busilak, dalisay, and mayumi.


  6. @ Eternal Wanderer : "Busilak. Dalisay. Mayumi." Sounds exactly what the government wants us to think!

  7. good idea, if only i have a credit card too.

    but then they say the mayan calendar ends on dec. 2012. who knows?

  8. Engel: ooooh, me wanna watch that movie!

  9. @ engel : Too bad their own civilization ended well before that.

    @ Eternal Wanderer : Ang pelikulang 2012 ay inyo nang mabibili sa inyong suking DVD stall.

  10. is it 2012 yet?

    i heart the last pic. looks like a leaping cub. hehehe

  11. @ the geek : Cute, no? I call it Simba in the Sky :D

  12. i know that these are all amazing phenomenons. But that Lenticular cloud is just so fucking gnarly, dude! LOL

  13. @ Herbs D. : Ah, I thought you might like the clouds, being an artist. Fantastic, no?

  14. Why look in the clouds when the "signs" are here on land - severe flooding and *aghast* Erap running (again) for President.

    I sooo love the Lenticular cloud too. There's a cloud appreciation society nga pala, can't remember the website of the club tho.

  15. @ Galen : Clouds have always been the stuff of dreams. (And what happened to Knox?!?)

    @ Mr. Scheez : "Clouded Visions"? Kidding aside, we've always looked to the heavens for omens. The land is just too...familiar, and therefore commonplace.

    As for Erap, his head is in the clouds. And if he actually wins, our heads are way up in our asses.

  16. Or! people always looked to the skies for hope? =)

  17. @ Mr. Scheez: Well, that's where the Invisible Man lives. Up in the skies.

  18. @ Mr. Slutty : Oh, He loves you too. Yes, He does.

  19. bet ko yung fuji. fashionsita sya.

  20. @ Ming Meows: Ahahahahaha!!! May umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh kasi ayaw maarawan, baka umitim!

  21. ei yung 2012 na nasa dvd stall fake. sa november pa yun ipapalabas. bought a copy and was seriously disappointed.

  22. @ engel : Oh! Thanks for the heads-up, then! Why were you disappointed? Didn't everyone die in the movie?

  23. Rude & Engel: arrrrgh. dammit. no spoilers!


    WV: Jennifer ANIES-ton

  24. speaking of heads up in their asses hahaha. oh nevermind.

  25. Rudeboy: A blogger named Knoxxy just appeared. I know him from the days so I decided to give up Knox and let Knoxxy have his identity back.

    I'm musing to reverting to the blogger that I was, once I get to reach 100 followers. Ehehehe.

  26. @ Galen : Ahhhhh! I was wondering about that! Thanks for the clarification.

    When you reach 100, you can start a cult hehe. Just like I told Herbs D. It's a fun, easy way to get rich, coz you know - religions are tax-exempt :P