Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Destiny's Child

Life is full of serendipity.

We were on the first stop of a half-day city tour that I almost didn't join, wanting to grab some zzzs in bed the whole morning instead. But not wanting to be a killjoy, I resigned myself to a half-day of boredom and presently found myself strolling through a quaint bazaar in Little India. Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, was just around the corner, and the quarter was being kitted up for the religious holiday.

My initial disinterested mood took a turn for the better, as it was relaxing and pleasant to just take in the colorful sights and sounds after the previous day's hectic schedule. Tantric mantras and Hindi prayer chants wafted through the air, as the scent of joss sticks filled my head with idle thoughts of karma , destiny, and fate.

We marveled at these fabulous trinkets:

These beautiful items:

And these fascinating objects:

Until we chanced upon this lovely icon:

Was it just a girl?

There was no doubt .

It was GWENFrickinSTEFANI, whose concert
set we had walked out on just the night before!!!

Never let it be said that this rudeboy doesn't know how to seize an opportunity. Throwing away all notions of hiya out the window, we basically jumped Stefani and bullied her into posing for pics, as the clueless Indian vendors stood up and wondered what this sudden disturbance in the cosmos was all about.

Mrs. Rossdale was pleasantly sweet about it, no uppity star snubs, and gamely posed with us before she begged off, saying "Thank you! I don't have much time, I have to do some shopping. Thank you!"

I got to stand right beside Gwen Stefani! I even touched the small of her back as we posed - I should never wash my right hand ever again! And best of all, I had my picture taken with one of my generation's biggest pop stars!

And no, I'm not going to show it to you.

Don't doubt.

Jelliz ha8ers. >: p


  1. @ Tristan : 'Kaw talaga, Tristan, ang hilig mo sa silip :P

  2. much better kung si gavin rossdale na lang, hahaha!

  3. @ john stanley : Mmmm! Pero cute naman yung baby nila, kahawig ni Gavin. Too bad di ko naisipang kunan ng picture, baka magalit yung nanay eh, maging international incident pa.

  4. I will be brutally blunt about it.

    Iba ang gusto kong silipin!


  5. the most beautiful female rockstar on the planet. kaingit naman!

  6. so you were shopping, but you didn't buy anything for us. what's up with that? =)

  7. @ wandering commuter: 'Ika nga ni Kris:"I wasn't expecting this, Kuya Boy!"

    @xtian1978ii : Iniisip ko pa.I can blur my face out hehehe.Para di-agaw eksena kay Gwen.

  8. @ Eternal Wanderer : Gwen's abs are far, FAR better than mine.

    @ Mr. Scheez : Like I said, she was foiiiineeee!!!

    @ engel : I was so not shopping. I was just browsing a.k.a. wandering aimlessly along.

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  10. Rude: engel is right! a trinket or two would've been fine and dandy lolz

  11. @ Eternal Wanderer : I still have lots of trinkets from Bangkok.

    @ Ming Meows : Meron. Gwen Garci.

  12. so si Eternal Wanderer lang ang may trinket from Bangkok?! =P

  13. @ engel : Geez, you guys are a tough crowd! :D

  14. Rude: hunnie bee, isn't heckling lurve? lolz

    hi engel! hahahahha

  15. @ Eternal Wanderer : I'm not at all surprised how much you get around.

    And for the record, I wasn't heckling engel.

    Maybe I was needling him.

    But just a teensy-weensy bit.

  16. gusto ko din ng trinkets from bangkok!!!

    feeling close lang, hehehe.

  17. @ john stanley : Well, hello again! What trinkets would you like? A ring, a bracelet, or a necklace?

  18. and hi ternie. long time no see! =D

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  20. Enegl: ayoko ng ternieeee!!! ahahahaha

    Rude: @ Eternal Wanderer : I'm not at all surprised how much you get around.

    *gasp* did you just besmirch my dalisay, busilak, and mayumi reputation?!

    alas, woe is me. i shall bear for the lifetime the shame-ladden mark of the scarlet letter branded by rude.

  21. @ engel : LOL @ ternie ahhahahaha. I imagined something fuschia and overburdened with fussy embroidery on the bosom.

    @ E.W. : Didn't we settle that government-hatched "dalisay, busilak, at mayumi" disinformation plot a couple of entries ago?

    Oh - and bear the mark proudly, Scarlet Witch!

  22. Rude: and i shall blast you with my chaos-magic fueled hex spheres!

  23. @ Eternal Wanderer: For a moment there I thought I read sex spheres.

    My bad.

  24. "shall blast you with my chaos-magic fueled hex spheres!"

    ternie, didn't know you're such a geek. =D

  25. Rude: with you, nothing surprises me anymore hahahaha

    But EW aka Wanda, the Wicked Witch who depowered most the mutants in earth-616, can sex sphere you, too. anytime!

    will you be my Vision to my Scarlet Witch then? ;)

    Engel: hush! *wink*

  26. Engel: ayoko ng ternieeeeeee!!! pwamis hihihihi

  27. @engel: hangkyut ng ternie! hihihi...

    @EW: great day to you, ternie. *wink

    @rude: seriousness? likey ko bracelet, wehehe!

  28. John: aaargh, not you , too!!!

    Rude: hi ;)

  29. @ You guys: Ang saya niyo siguro pag may party, ano?

    @ engel : The geek shall inherit the earth.

    @ Eternal wanderer : "The House of M: Maybe"

    @ Knoxxy : Thank you. Good for Gwen, too ahahhah.

    @ john stanley : Bracelet it is.

  30. haha si gwen pa talaga inagawan mo ng eksena.