Friday, October 9, 2009

Jesus Loves You - And Burgers, Too.

I simply couldn't resist righting all that was wrong about that recent Christ The Burger King sacrilege those godless, bikini-waxing Brazilian blasphemers committed. My conscience demanded it.

Thus, through the miracles of Photoshop and the intercession of the Madonna's very own personal Jesus, I redeem the good name of Jesi worldwide - and the tasty burgers they hold in their palms:

Now there's the beef.*

Jesus, es verdad, tu eres la Luz del mundo.

Original unadulterated, unprocessed, and mouth-watering 100% pure Brazilian beefcake pic of Jesus Luz can be found here.

*Eternal Wanderer, this demigod is for you. Bon appetit!


  1. Ay que calor! quiero todo chicos brizilianos!!!

    Pero eres, eres muy, muy malo y sin verguenza!


    p.s. gracias, querido ;)

  2. Jajajajaja! De nada, amigo.

    Aproposito, sobre vergüenza: que vergüenza? Jejejejeje.

  3. se! que verquenza?

    pero no lo se estas cosas!

    estoy conservativo estas dias ;)

  4. No me digas? Ven aquí, conservativo mi culo!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. @ Jay Quiambao : Are we talking about the historical Jesus, or Madonna's Boy-Toy here?

    @ Rygel : Doc, siempre meron! Pero walang full-frontal. Enjoy :

  7. yo? estoy en tu calzoncillos. ahora.

    ves? ;)

  8. Ajajajajajajjajjaajjaaajajaja!!! Jamas he visto a nadie tan rapido como tu.

  9. no habla español!!!

    or is that Portuguese?! I know for a fact, Brazilians speak Portuguese.

  10. @ engel: Buenos dias! Clever boy. Brazilians do in fact speak Portuguese, not Spanish. Although the two languages are closely-related enough to be mutually intelligible, they are still very different.

    I'm positive this also accounts for the common misconception that Brasileños hablan español. A mistake I myself committed the first few times I worked with these lovely, lovely specimens.

  11. i thank my half Brazilian niece for that. Her dad's hot.

  12. just because I dont know spanish like the rest of you, doesnt mean i cant comment on this LOL.

    well, Jesus [Mother Madonna's boy toy] is amazing. PERIOD.

  13. @ engel: Huwaw! Brazilian si bayaw!

    @ Herbs D.: He must be, for the notoriously-tightwad Madonna is buying him his own £1.7 million pad in New York. A genuine miracle.