Friday, January 8, 2010

Taking Off In The New Year

Well, talk about hitting the ground running.

The Silent Hill fog caused by the metro-wide fireworks festivities hadn't even had a chance to clear up when I was already in the studio on a set check. First day of the new decade, and already working. The first week of January went by in a blur of consecutive 4-day shoots and random leftover edits from last year. I think we're the first guys in the industry to shoot anything this year, so w00t, w00t!

I am in a Bangkok post-production house, waiting to begin color-grading 35 reels of footage as I type this. And since my regular colorist is still on holiday (damn Brits), I'm unsure what time we'll be done with this new guy who's taking over. Oh, well. This was supposed to be work, not a junket.

When we return to Manila, I shall go straight to the editing suite from the airport. Four post-heavy commercials to finish in two weeks, over and above 4 random re-edits, 4 music scores, another deadline-tight production on the way, and 2 new creative briefs client thoughtfully emailed me before I left for the airport. Hmmm - we've had worse. I think my record was a dozen spots within six weeks. Then again, I anticipate the worst each and every time.  Not that I'm a pessimist; anticipating the worst just means I won't be caught off-guard if and when the worst does happen. And if it doesn't, well then aaaaallll-righttttyyyy!

Annnnnd it's time to work, which is just right because I'm just rambling right now.

Happy New Year, all, and may you hit the ground running, too.


  1. and may it be a harbinger of GOOD thigs to come!

    happy new year, ruddie :D

  2. When you get back to manila, i hope you bring us pasalubong!!! Happy New Year!!!

  3. In short hindi ka pala talaga nagbakasyon hehehe. Happy new year!

  4. @ Eternal Wanderer : Happy Nude Year, Ternie!

    @ engel : "Pasalubong"? What is this word?

    @ dabo : Biernes Santo lang ang pahinga ko, habang natutulog ang Diyos :P

  5. happy new year! wag masyadong magpagod sa trabaho. baka di mo na maenjoy yan.

    at oo nga, penge pasalubong. i'm a sucker for those spicy tamarind things. :D