Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh, Snaps!

Hello again, Bangkok.

First visit for the new decade.

Sawasdee khrup.

From Suvarnabhumi, we went straight to the post house and finished around midnight.

Post-midnight check-in, with a small surprise at the hotel. They put me in a junior suite instead of my usual room on the 13th floor (aka The Smokers' Ghetto.)

"I took the suite life..."

Lotsa space. Too bad I had no one to share it with.

"..and never knew I'd be..."

Then again, I'm used to empty spaces.

" ...bitter from the suite."

Anyway, the next morning, I discovered that apparently, it's still Christmas in Bangkok.

Blue Christmas.

Now, while I love me some holiday cheer, I've always found it a little odd that a Buddhist country such as Thailand would celebrate Christmas.

I bet she's wondering, too.

Then again, perhaps it's nothing more than a festive commercial holiday.

Tropical snowflakes.

Anyway, any reason to cheer must be good enough, as LG's smileys might say.

"Life's good, you whining fucks."

The circus was apparently in town, too.

"Freaks! Get your freaks right here, folks!"

Mascot gamely poses for this pap.

The Talented Mr. Fox.

And so do a couple of mimes making balloon animals.

Balloon boys.

No elephants, though, alas. For they were banned from the city about a couple of years back. Sad. I'll never forget ambling absently through Patpong before looking up just in time to avoid literally walking into a parked pachyderm on the sidewalk.

Holiday cheer wasn't for everyone, though.

Clean slates need work.

Mr. P seems to be above it all.

"Bah, humbug!"

Still, maybe we shouldn't over-think things.

"Brain half yourself a Merry Little Christmas"

And with that...

"Let's have a grape old time!"


  1. Buddhist nga sila. Hanggang snowflakes lang. Walang Santa Claus or Belen.

  2. siam square bigla ang pumasok sa isip ko

    now that reminded me of rak haeng siam

  3. @ Ming : You're so right. I saw snowmen and reindeer and even the odd panda bear - but no creche.

    @ Manech : Aw, thanks, man!

    @ anteros : Siam Square it is. The festive carnival was at Siam Paragon.

  4. sosyal naman ng kwarto. enjoy the rest of your stay there.

    kahit wala ka balak bigyan kami ng pasalubong. =)

  5. kahit saan yata hino-honor ang Christmas. kahit sa India and Bangladesh, according to our officemates.


  6. @ engel : There's no love in the room...
    As for pasalubong, I was too much of a good boy and bought too many belated Christmas gifts for various people, so now I'm probably going to have excess baggage ^@*#@*#^^%#!! Anyway, sige, next trip I promise to get you guys some sampaloc - a perfect symbol of my tasty sourness.

    @ red : Hmmm, I wonder if they observe Christmas in the UAE?

  7. Suvarnabhumi? wow. suddenly reminded me of a strip club. weird. &. funny.

  8. @ Herbs : It's pronounced "Su-Wanna-Boom." Jussayin'

  9. sinampal ako nung LG smileys pic at caption....

    but in a good way, napangiti ako nung sampal eh...

  10. mas colorful ang mga display nila in comparison sa atin.

  11. @ Yj : IMHO, minsan kasi kelangan sampalin ang sobrang emo. :P

    @ Andrei Alba : It's work. But I squeeze my little pleasures wherever I can get them.

    @ dabo : Maybe they're just a tad more bombastic, but there's nothing like a Philippine Christmas.

  12. haha the pictures are really nice but i simply can't move on from "never been to me." haha darn it. this thing's going to be stuck in my head all day.

  13. @ citybuoy : Ahahahha, hi Nyl! LSS, much?