Monday, January 18, 2010

Heeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!!!

If you ever thought figure-skating was...well...GAY, meet its sparkling Ice Queen:

Imagine Bobby Trendy on ice skates instead of clunky heels and you have Johnny Weir. Who's Johnny, you say? Johnny Weir's the living incarnation of Jon Heder's ambiguously gay character on Blades of Glory, except Weir is full-on fierce flaming fagalicious flamboyancy. And more importantly - he's for REAL.

From Towleroad :

"It's more exciting to walk in a fashion show or portray Jesus than it is to sit at home learning how to play the piano or skating to 'The Nutcracker'...The risks I'm taking are natural to me. I didn't go to BlackBook and say, 'I want to pose in heels.' I said I'd do it because it's fun for me. It wasn't like I went in and said, 'Oh my God, I want heels. I want fur. I want glitter. I want to be made up totally like Amanda Lepore (the self-proclaimed No. 1 transsexual in the world).' ... I think the pictures are very interesting. They're not gaudy. They're not campy. They're just me modeling clothes."

Do take time to read Weir's fantastic interview on ESPN , where, among other things, he gamely discusses what it's like to be the maverick of men's figure skating and how he felt when he donned "a swan-inspired costume, with glittery, featherlike designs across the chest, crisscrossed strapping over one arm and a single red glove he called Camille" while competing at the 2006 Olympics at Torino.

And yay! Now he's gonna have his own reality show!

And here's the Queen of The Ice in action, footloose and fanciful. A fountain of flaky fantasy flinging fabulousness all over creation while flying, sliding, and gliding to "Poker Face":

And lest you think Weir is all flash but no substance, he just made the U.S. Olympics team.

Now that's fab.



  1. he looks feeeyars! haha i'm pretty sure his reality show's going to be really cool.

    when i saw blades of glory, i said to myself this cannot be realistic. no one can be that err.. (for lack of a more PC term) gay but then again this guy's got the goods to back it up! :D

  2. @ citybuoy : Isn't he? Isn't it?

    One of the funniest things I read about him was someone saying he's gayer than a clutch purse. A second runner-up was "Finally, someone even gayer than Adam Lambert."

    Kidding aside, I don't usually rave over queeny queen queens but Weir's utter brashness and showmanship truly put a shit-eating grin on my face. Brava!

  3. oh my god! ang sobrang galing niya ha.

    sasali ba siya sa 2010 winter olympics? mukha yatang mahihirapan si Plushenko ng Russia dito pag sumali siya.

  4. @ aris : Performance level, di ba?

    @ Semaj : Fantastic showmanship. He owned that crowd. I don't know about Plushenko, but I'm rooting for this gay blade of glory.

  5. his fierceness has gone beyond my level of comprehension. he should be praised.

  6. Plushenko was in denial. This guy owned it, and wore it like a badge of honor. Except the badge had swarovski crystals and fur trimmings. Galeng!

  7. OMG what a bitch!!! i can't believe he's gayer than baby gurl Herbs.... lol


  8. @YJ - i know right. damn her [him] for being too fierce.

  9. @ Herbs : We can't ALL be divas on ice. But I'm sure your own artistic skills are ferocious.

    @ red the mod : Plushenko may be the fair-haired boy, but this raven-haired upstart shows 'em how it's done.

    I watched the "Swan" performance in the related vids, and even when doing a classical number, he is still poetry in motion. I never really got into watching figure-skating (except for the pratfalls - THOSE are priceless to me), but methinks I shall be keeping an eye out for Weir.

    He just made figure-skating far, FAR more interesting.

    @ Yj : I was gonna say something, but Herbs has spoken for himself :D

    @ Manech : I'm still grinning like a fool.

  10. ermmm i'm a bit uncomfortable with the videos.
    it's so gay.