Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Suite Dreams Are Made Of These

I seldom remember my dreams. Maybe that's because sleep is just a brief respite from consciousness for me. I lay down and black out, then wake up and fight the day's battles all over again.

I remember my bad dreams, though. I had a couple in Bangkok.

I dreamt I lent my editor my little convertible for a spin, and he promptly crashed it into the rear of another just like it. Only it was colored blue. The same royal blue color of that other 2-door number I was thinking of buying last year. Anyway, in the dream, I remember thinking "Well, isn't that nice" while facepalming myself. I'd just gotten my sedan - which IRL had suffered a fate similar to what I had in the dream - out of the casa last December, and now it's the little car's turn. Why the hell not?

Then I woke up.

The next night's dream was a little more disturbing. I dreamt that my brother had died. But it was very casual - just one of those things I made a mental note of while I was engrossed with work. And then in the dream, I finally got around to asking my mom when the burial would be. Then I realized I had already missed it because I was working.

And then I sobbed and sobbed in the dream.

I haven't sobbed in real life for a long time.

Strange dreams. I wonder if they mean anything.


  1. These days, I dream a lot. Those that I remember though, like you, are the awful ones.

    Someone told me that dreams - their images, the things in them - are not really symbols, do not contain a one-to-one correspondence with meaning. The whole dream, he said, is a reflection of our most current emotional state.

  2. @ Manech : I agree with you regarding "symbols" in dreams. Images and objects signify different things to different people, so I don't subscribe to the standard "dream symbols & meanings" thing.

    It's very true about dreams reflecting our emotional states. Understandably, I have tortured dreams when I am anxious, but I haven't had a happy dream for a good while now.

    Ay - there's the rub, indeed.

  3. they're usually symbols your rational mind can't decipher. try reading the whole dream as metaphors.

    they are always subjective anyway.

  4. no idea how to interpret dreams. what i do know is i miss staying in a hotel suite. sigh.

  5. dreams are products of things that you really want.
    wait, what did freud say about dreams?

  6. i think having a dream is an indication of enough sleep.

  7. @ Herbs : When i was a kid, I used to think dreams were little movies that entertained me as I slept.

    I guess the DreamFlix queue changes when one grows older.

    @ engel : Check-in tayo? :P

    @ paci : "Things you really want." Well, in that case, I really want that royal blue MR-S. But I don't want anyone to die. Well, maybe not anyone *thinks of people he would like to have a Grand Eyeball with God*

    @ Ming : LOL! Good one, you sly kitty.

  8. I think dreams are subconscious thought manifesting on your sleep.. Naah.. what the hell.. i sleep like a log because of my inhaler.. ;)

  9. may nightmares din ako dati, i woke up sobbing too

  10. our brains still function even though we sleep. we think of a lot of things. the subconscious part is largely greater than the conscious part of our mind.

    but then again, i believe that we have the ability to predetermine things through our dreams.

  11. dreams are nothing,i think haha i dont take them seriously...

  12. They don't probably mean anything serious, just your subconscious messing with you...

  13. i think you work too hard. maybe it's time for rudeboy to play. you know what they say... all work and no play makes the keep off the grass. haha