Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh, Snaps Part 2

Just a few random pictures.

Street scene.

Still life.

Concrete and greens.

Strange chair.

House of the spirits.

Eerie snowmen.

Kawaii, kawaii!

Objet d'art.

The boys outside my window.

Monsters, Inc.

Kawaii Five Oh!

Paris of the East

My wet dream.


  1. love the chair! parang alien lang. =P

  2. OMG I ejaculated when I saw the car!

  3. @ Herbs : I'd make hot monkey love with it.

    @ engel : It would be sooooo cool to blast Alderaan into space dust from that chair.

    @ Ming : I like you, too.

    @ Joel : Hey, Lambo! Lambo Italiano! Hey Lambo!

    @ citybuoy : Hahah you like stuffed toys ba?