Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wrapping Up

It is customary on the cusp of the New Year to reflect and look back on the 365 days that just passed, and look forward to the next 365 to follow.

Resolutions, schmesolutions.

Despite a soothsayer's warning that 2009 was going to be a bad year for business, it turned out to be a banner year instead. Which just goes to show that fortune-telling is just an enjoyable pastime. Then again, the fact that I roundly dismissed her predictions with a resounding "Meh!" must have something to do with it. Self-fulfilling prophecies and all that.

On the personal front, it was SSDY - Same Shit Different Year. Still in a holding pattern, circling the runway, waiting to land or crash, whichever comes first.

What was that again? "It's not the fall that kills you, It's the sudden stop at the end."

That must be why I was such a moving target this year. Work was a frenemy, rewarding me with something to do as well as money to burn while at the same time killing me and preventing me from attending to other aspects of my life.

I used an unexpected work hiatus to create this blog and I am thankful I did so. It's become a diary of sorts, a chronicle of my various shits and giggles. It's also allowed me to peek into the lives of others, an experience which has given me fresh perspective on certain things. So, to the bloggers I read and those that have read me, I thank you for sharing your thoughts, your feelings, and the ups, downs, and round-and-rounds of your interesting lives.

While I was too busy working to regret anything in 2009, the coming year offers a clean new slate to sully. These are not resolutions, by any means; just a laundry list of Things You Have Been Meaning To Do But Haven't Done What The Hell Are You Waiting For Goddamn Doomsday Fucking Idiot that throb at my subconscious like an aneurysm :

1. Write the goddamn screenplays already.
2. Make the pitch, get the financing and direct the fucking movies already.
3. Apprenez Francais encore.
4. Mejore mi Español para mis abuelitas muertas se paren reprenderme.
5. Could we put up the fucking studio already?
6. Spend more time with the folks. Srsly.
7. Bring sexy back.
8. Madhopper. You know - Madhopper.
9. You gotta cut down on your smoking, dude.
10.End what already ended years ago.

And now that I've written down my Top 10, this should be an interesting year. Maybe I should put it in an email and have futureme send it back to haunt me this time next year.

Oh, wait. The old diary I used to keep when I was 17 still haunts me to this day.  

Plus de choses changent, plus ils restent insensés.The more things change, the more they stay insane.

Happy Nude New Year, all. And goodbye 2009.

Hel-loooooooooo 2010!


  1. I wonder what you did when you were 17 hmmm

  2. @ thecurioscat : Preserving my chastity.

    Actually, what made me wince and want to burn the damn diary was seeing how angst-ridden I was, and how stupid, and how roundly ignorant of so many things.

    Ah, the naivete of youth.

    But what's striking is that there were so many things I wanted to be and do when I was 17, that I still want to be and do today. Obviously, I haven't gotten around to them all this time.

    Tick, tock, tick, tock!

  3. i think we all wince when we remember what we did when we were younger. =)

    Happy new year rudeboy!!!

    Was wonderin' though, what was it you should've ended years ago?

  4. @ engel : This needs to be the subject of a future post, it really does.

    It's something way overdue and I hope 2010 gives me the will to

    Happy New Year, dear engel! And to your fine-feathered friend, too!

  5. mais moi aussi! parce que maintenant, mon francais et espangole est tres tres mal huhuhuhu

    feliz ano nuevo querido!

  6. @ Ternie : Bonne année à tu aussi, mon ami!!!

  7. we'll be looking foward to day you'll finally overcome it :)

  8. i need help bringing sexy back too. haha it was a blast reading your blog, rudeboy. i'm looking forward to more posts next year. :D

  9. @ the curioscat : Oh, when I do, you'll read about it hehehe.

    @ citybuoy : Haha awww thanks. I always anticipate your blog entries. I know you've been blogging for years but one wishes you would write more. Then again, there are more important things, yes?

    Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

  10. @ Tristan: Happy New Year to you, too!!!

  11. we're also glad that you decided to join us in the blogosphere this year, rude.

    happy new year to you!

  12. i kept a diary from when i was 7 years old pa...i have many of those notebooks in a box! Naivete (or angst) is makes for interesting reading. hehe. :-p

    Thank you for all your words and wisdom too.

    Now go bring sexy back. :-p

  13. ang diary ni mara clara ay nasa iyo pala?

    --- --

    yung number 10, are they like ghosts?

  14. @ john stan : Happy to have "met" you guys - even if it's still just on the ether.

    @ MakMak : Happy happy, Joy joy din sa yo!

    @ Sonia : Hello and Happy New Year to the lone rose among the thorns - or should I say velvet roses?

    Mmm sexy back. I have to share an anecdote about that. The other night, in one of the online forums I frequent, we had a bandwagon where everyone replaced their avatars with pics of their real selves. Just for that night. I posted a shirtless pic from two years back, and was shocked (but not displeased) at the reactions of the ladies (and a few of the regular gay guys).

    Where were these bright, witty, crazy hos when I was growing up? My only apprehension about shaping up again is fulfilling a prophecy that I will get married, after all. A bete noire which I obviously omitted from that Top 10 list above.

    @ dabo : Diary of A Madman would be more like it.

    And regarding #10 - you could say that. A ghost is something that haunts you because of unfinished business, or because it cannot - or will not - move on.

    It could also be a zombie - something long dead but still shambling around looking for brains.

    Or a vampire - something that was once seductive, but whose true form is foul and will suck the life out of you.

  15. What's with No.10?

    Anyway, have a great year ahead, rudie! Happy New Year! ;-)

  16. Happy You Year! Manigong "sana kumpleto pa ang mga daliri nyo" sa inyong lahat!

  17. Or maybe everything is just a horror house or horror train in a perya in some barrio. We all to like to believe they are real. =) anyway whatever it is, destroy all of them in sexy way like Alice in Resident Evil


  18. yeah, let's all bring sexy back. Maybe the 90's too. I'd love to bring most of the 90's back.

    Happy new year =)

  19. in a way, i must admit, i turned green with envy after reading this entry... wanting to do the same but no means.

  20. you're not roaming around.. hope you are doing well =)

  21. @ dabo : Oh, I AM roaming - abroad, that is. Meant to write my first post for the year earlier today, but airport wi-fi was crappy.

    Maybe tonight - if we wrap up work early :P