Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yes, Oh Yes.

It's officially December, and my scheduled year-end work torments have also officially kicked into high gear.

I lack sleep and so I am a fucking cranky bastard and cannot write anything coherent at the moment. And so I shall, instead, bring you another video for your weekly dose of schadenfreude.

After J.Ho and Beyonce , Pratfalls of the Rich, Famous, and Underdressed presents: Lady Gaga.

Bitch thoughtfully slips and falls at the 00:20 mark, thus sparing us the agony of watching the rest of her performance.

Enjoy. I know I did.


  1. hantagal magload ng vid :-p LOL
    i wish my internet was a lot faster than the usual DSL

  2. hindi galante ang kanyang pagkahulog. daig pa rin sya ni miriam quiambao and beyonce.

  3. team beyonce parin hahaahaha......

  4. holy shit hahahahahaha [finally watched the vid]

  5. naku, ill have to wait to get home bago mapanuod to... pero sa alala ko, wala tatalo sa pagbagsak ni beyonce.. hehehe

  6. ouch! parang ang dulas kasi ng stage. :)

  7. @ Ming Meows : Mas plakda naman kay Gaga si J.Lo hehe.

    @ Yj : Agree. Thus far B's had the best pratfall.

    @ Herbs D. : Heheeheeeeeeeeeehheheheheh. Love how she kept her Poker Face on even after falling.

    @ gillboard : Gaga gets style points, but Beyonce still has dibs on the most dramatic fall thus far.

    @ Aris : I don't think it's the stage as much as it's her clogs.

  8. I love Lady Gaga as much as I like your light saber! Ha ha ha!

  9. Ruddie: someone likes your light saber, too.

    i'm jealous.


  10. @ Ternie : Oh, don't worry. It's double-bladed.