Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bird Of No Feather

After Dolores, The Naked Bear, National Geographic In The Nude presents: Oscar The Naked Dancing Cockatoo.

Behold, Engel, the fate that awaits your fine-feathered friend should you shut down your blog:

"Don't do it, engel, I BEG of you!"

Unlike Engel's unnamed parrot, though, Oscar hasn't actually paid the price for her owner's blogging transgressions. According to the Sun , she suffers from some rare beak-and-feather disease that has left her sans colorful plumage and, thanks to the contagious nature of her affliction, sans feathery friends as well.

But she's a plucky little survivor and now, while the rest of the colorful cockatoos spend their lives in desperate obscurity, Oscar gets to be on TV and the internet. Could an action figure and reality show be far behind? No plush toys, though. Obvs.

And because I'm such a good guy, here's two more shots of this pretty, pretty bird. You may thank rudeboy for his kindness, Engel.

And if you love your bird...you know what not to do >:/


  1. This is funny, I must say. :)

  2. may thing ka ba sa kalbo o hairless (featherless in this case) rude? hmmm

  3. thank you for dedicating a post for me. even if it's threatening.


  4. well well well, i wonder how rude will look like sans all the hair...

    hmmm, i'll just let my imagination run wild for a moment.

  5. @ goodboi : Anything that's not supposed to be naked is either funny or disgusting. Good thing it's the former :P

    @ thecurioscat : I guess I enjoy seeing things au naturel.

    @ engel : Oh, come on, engel, that wasn't a threat. It was a promise :)

    @ john stanley : Let me know when your imagination takes a pit stop.

  6. you and your penchant for hairless things!

    *wonders if the area of ruddie's light saber is bare, too*


  7. @ Ternie : My penchant for hairless things is matched only by your fixation on my lightsaber and Junjun's bird.


  8. vitamin D deficiency. and D for discretion. hahaha....

    wawa naman.

  9. @ ash : Hahaha, I think it's more of avian alopecia. Maybe aloe vera can help - if she doesn't eat it.

  10. dapat ilayo yan sa mga kapitbahay naming nanghuhuli ng ibon. gusto nila yan kasi binalatan na.

  11. i cant believe the newscaster just asked that?

    oscar though is a real cutie.... but im already inlove with my baby ostrich boy hihihihihihi

  12. @ Ming : Dressed chicken na nga, kung baga. Just add boiling water at konting sahog, pulutan na!

    @ Yj : You mean the "Who's uglier? Mick Jagger or the bird?" Heheheheheh.

  13. Ahhhhh... All skin si Birdie.


  14. aww.. no plush toys. at least he doesn't have to worry about shaving. =)

  15. @ m2mtripper : Kung baga sa sex, bareback amputz.

    @ FaceB : Hi there and welcome, FaceB! And yeah - shaving's a bitch.

  16. creepy bird. although i must say i've seen uglier ones. haha

  17. @ Nyl... ang malas mo naman.... buti nalang lahat ng birdie na nakita ko puro cutie hahahaaha