Monday, November 23, 2009


I love pratfalls. Something about people falling ass over head just sends me into paroxysms of sadistic glee. And celebrity pratfalls are an even more delectable delight.

Maybe it's because my surname is Schadenfreude. Or maybe it's because I'm 12.

Anyway, here's J-to-the-Ho, landing on her famous culo onstage during the American Music Awards while performing "Loubotins", her latest assault on humanity's ears:

Love the bitchface homegirl makes as she storms off backstage. I wonder how many dancers' souls she ate afterwards? At any rate, she's far more entertaining when she's getting her ass handed to her. She should do this more often, seein' as how she's got the padding for it.

After all, why should Beyonce have all the fun?


  1. I thought JLo would bounce her ass off off the stage.

    And to Beyonce, she should stop that Wiccan dance routine already.

  2. @ Mr. Scheez : I suppose it's too much to ask for J.Low to bounce off the planet completely, eh?

    As for Bey, well - she's just a modern-day Spinderella.

  3. but ruddie, you can't bounce j-low off the planet.

    i still wanna get loud!


  4. i think beyonce's fall was still worse. i heard adam lambert slipped on the same stage too.

    remember when j.lo was cool? i swear, ben affleck ruins everything.

  5. i like the beyonce one. can't see jlo's face while she was walking out.

    anyway, the show must go on.

  6. lol. this reminds alot of ze movie "superstar"
    good times.

    and yes, beyonce's fall was still fucking fierce

  7. @ Eternal Wanderer : I just wanna test
    The ass that she got
    I just wanna bounce Jenny
    Jenny 'round the block

    @ citybuoy : I don't think Jenny ever got over the dissolution of Bennifer. Hence her continuous downward spiral.

    @ engel : The show must indeed go on. Like your blog hmmmmmmmmph.

    @ Herbs D. : "SUPERSTAH!" Love Mary Katherine Gallagher, molester of trees hahahah!

  8. can't see it, hindi kase allowed sa office eh

  9. cant view j.lo's
    i just love beyonce. energy parin kahit nahulog na.

  10. wow.. bounce back.. terrible after..

  11. plus the whole steal marc anthony thing didn't really help.

    in all fairness, i was a pretty big fan. haha

  12. @ the curioscat : I hate office blockage. It dampens the curiosity of cats like you.

    @ Ming Meows : Isa pang curious cat na di makita si J-to-the-Low. Heheh anyway ok lang, mas semplang naman si Beyonce, in fairness.

    @ tim : Heheh yeah she bounced back pretty fast, yeah? At least her famous tush saved her career once again.

    @citybuoy : Well, I dunno about Skeletor aka Marc Anthony. He's not a real looker, but he gets hos like this one and Dayanara Torres, too! Just like that douchebag John Mayer.

  13. haha now ko lang to nakita,thanks man

  14. @ Mac Callister : Hahaha, hi and welcome!