Monday, February 8, 2010

To You, By Way Of Pink

I've always liked this girl, because she's the type of girl I usually get attracted to. Tough and sexy, yet at the same time human and vulnerable.

It's no coincidence that her songs resonate with me, especially when I am in my angry/emo states - just like right now. She sings of love and heartbreak, betrayal and loss with equal measures of anger and hurt - just like I would.

This particular song and video - from her 2001 album Missundaztood - encapsulate how I've been feeling. For the past ten fucking years.

I can't stay on your life support
There's a shortage in the switch
I can't stay on your morphine
Coz it's making me itch
I said I tried to call the nurse again
But she's bein' a little bitch

I think I'll get out of here

Where I can run
Just as fast as I can
To the middle of nowhere
To the middle of my frustrated fears

And I swear
You're just like a pill
Instead of makin' me better
You keep makin' me ill
You keep makin' me ill

You keep makin' me ill.


  1. Then flush that pill down the toilet.

    WV: ressenti (LOL!)

  2. dayyuuumm, ten years? thats like more than half my life already O_O shit...

    this songs naman reminds me of this guy who was bitter after i broke up with him. hehehe. he posted this song on his blog and all that. ayun...

    oooohhh. Single Awareness Day is just around corner, whos your date this 14th daddy rudy :)?

  3. OMG. I've been singing this song for roughly a week now. I love this song and the video so much.

    After I saw her Grammy performance, I began scouring for a good cover of this song, but nothing was as good on youtube.

    Which only meant nothing could touch the original.


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  5. Ah Pink. Her uncompromising perspective and honesty defies commercial appeal. Her words, resounding yet catchy, heartfelt yet upbeat, angsty yet frail. I agree with Manech on this one, noone can do her songs better. Because these are emotion-laden oeuvres that only her chronology can do justice to.

  6. She is soulful, huh? Oh, and I loved that performance at the, she can really bring the house down! I thought the outfit was the clincher, yun pala, may trapeze act pa. wow!

    But 10 years? That's a looong time. Has it changed any?

  7. ooh i love this song! haha my post-valentine's '09 entry was set to this soundtrack. haha

    i liked her kahit nung pa-r&b pa siya but when she slowly showed her true colors, that's when i really loved her.

  8. @ joel : It's no wonder people seek your counsel, McVie. And your reply might become another blog post in itself - if I decide to actually post it.

    @ Herbs : Single Awareness Day = S.A.D.? Wag naman sana.

    @ Manech : I've been singing it on and off for a longer time than that. And yes, one of her best, both song and video.

    @ red : "Uncompromising perspective and honesty." Yes. I like that.

    @ Sonia : That Grammys number was a tour de force. Graceful yet strong - fantastic relaunch for this chick.

    As for 10 years - yes. Too long. And changes? Many. Obviously not all for the better. But such is life.

    @ Nyl : Pink is largely underrated, I think, because of her "tough chick" image. But there's more to her than the exterior trappings. I'm watching her evolution with great interest.

  9. Rudeboy,

    Hello, how are you?:)
    Around six weeks ago, you said

    "Actually, what made me wince and want to burn the damn diary was seeing how angst-ridden I was, and how stupid, and how roundly ignorant of so many things."

    So, still angst-ridden after all these years, are we? =)

    This is my favorite Pink song. I hope things will get better... soon. =)


  10. @ Kane : Ah, you've caught me at a rather vulnerable time ;) No matter how hard we try, there will always be chinks in the armor.

    At the risk of pre-empting the follow-up to this post, I will say that while we do change, we do not change completely. I will always have angst: what has changed is what I am angsty about, and how much, and what I do - or do not do - about it.

    The same goes for my stupidity and my ignorance. I am wiser in some things, stupider in others, and yet ever-ignorant about many more.

    It is a process that goes on until we die. We adapt. We learn. We change, or we perish. Which says volumes about my decade of slow, almost imperceptible, but sure decay.

  11. Rudeboy!! Hahaha nagulat ako ang haba ng reply mo. And at the risk of sounding like your philosophy teacher, I will say that while we do not change completely, we do change. Some more than others.

    Some changes are imperceptible, you barely notice them. What we are angsty about, and no longer angsty about. Wisdom tells us which things really matter most, after all.

    And we can only hope as our bodies decay, our minds will glow ever brighter. =)


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  13. @ lost travailer : You know what they say about clowns.

  14. ever heard that life is like a wheel? you maybe down for ten years but for the next 20 years...well excuse me but I really do not know what will happen next. Basta try to enjoy every moment whatever the weather is.

  15. @ engel : The Pill who isn't chill, engel.

  16. @ Glampinoy: Hi, and thanks for the comment. "Wheel of Fortune" eh? I'll take "Leaving Las Vegas" for $500, please.

    Gulong ng palad, in the vernacular. I'm aware that all relationships have good years and bad years, but I am pretty sure this isn't the case here. And I've weathered all the storms I care to weather as far as this one is concerned.

    Imagine yourself pinned under the wheels of a semi. I'm a bloodied, mangled mess, but I would like to crawl out from underneath those wheels before I die.

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  18. I have this song in my phones and IPod.

    I know the lyrics of this song - by heart.

    This is the only song I can sing (in the shower)

  19. @ Yj : You've got mail.

    @ iurico : *wry smile* I don't suppose I need to ask why you also know it by heart.

  20. one of a kind artist.

  21. i love this particular song too, catchy and kinda gave me the last song syndrome when it first came out.

  22. i love pink... the color and the artist!

  23. she's certainly come a long way from ching ching bling bling. haha