Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Kiss

I was sulking - over what I don't remember anymore.

He paid it no mind and instead, playfully wrapped an arm around my neck and rocked it back and forth - not quite a bear hug, more of a cub strangle.

I shot him a mock-dagger look only to be met by a pair of eyes twinkling with mischief. He was bad news : the "town whore" was an accurate - if loving - moniker. And yet, when he drew me closer, I didn't bother to resist.

I closed my eyes as our lips met in a moist, tender kiss. He had full lips - the kind I like to nibble and suckle on when I smooch. It was warm in that crooked embrace, and in this brash, boisterous, flirtatious boy I caught a glimpse of my old self again.

And then we kissed some more, and I remember thinking how good it was to kiss. To surrender to passion, to lust, to sexual excitement again - even if love wasn't in the equation.

Our lips parted. I opened my eyes to look at him.

And then I woke up.


  1. Vivid. Lucid. When reality fails, we'll make our own.

  2. oh ruddie, i didn't know you could be exquisitely lyrical!

  3. sayang nabokya. try ko someday makipagkiss sayo tapos babasahin ko yung lyrical translation.

  4. i hate that i don't remember my dreams. even dreams like that. sigh.

  5. so anticlimactic! haha...i was expecting more drama, rudeboy. :-) love the detailing, though.

  6. @ Sonia : Egads. Do I strike you as a drama queen, then? As Fergie so eloquently sang: "No, no drama. You don't want no drama."

    Anticlimactic? That I would have to wholeheartedly agree with. It was the complete opposite of a wet dream, which naturally left me high and dry.

    @ engel : I only remembered because I wrote it down as soon as I woke up.

    @ Ming : Are you propositioning me, Ming Meows?

    @ Ternie : My prose is scads better than my poetry.

    @ red : Vivid. As in Video.

    But snarking aside, yes, it was so lucid, and so real. I could still feel the warmth moments after I awoke.

  7. of course well KNOW what that warmth on your pillow and blankets was.


  8. @ Ternie : No, I stopped salivating on my pillows in my sleep when I was 7.

  9. is it just me or is this such a departure from your previous posts. i dunno. i really like it. i don't think it's anticlimactic at all. i think it pulls out before the complications settle.

    good job! :D

  10. very nicely written indeed. I can almost picture who he is.

  11. i wonder kung nararamdaman mo din yung facial hair sa panaginip mo1 nyahahaha

  12. whoah, that is hot pics.. hehehehe.. cool story.