Monday, February 1, 2010

God Hates Gaga

I was going to post this at the start of January, but figured I didn't want to start the decade with hate. And so I am posting this, with mucho irony, on this, the first day of the month of love.

"Ga-ga, ooh la la, ga-Ga, ooh na nAAAaaRaaaArGhh**!!"

While I am not exactly gaga over Gaga, I don't really mind Stefani Germanotta. Sure, her fashions might cause blindness and induce epileptic seizures, but she's about as harmful as popping two Paracetamol after a drinking binge. However, if the Westboro Baptist Church is to be believed, God Himself hates, hates, HATES Lady Gaga.

RSVP. First-come, first-burned.

So much so that she's going to hell. In a shocking pink mirrored handbasket, I'm sure.

"I'm your biggest fan/I'll hound you until you love me/Gaga/Gagarazzi..."

Now, this fine Christian lady holding up what certainly isn't a souvenir from one of Gaga's concerts is Megan Phelps, a parishioner from the Westboro Baptist Cult "Church." On instructions from God Himself, no doubt, she recorded a parody of Lady Gaga's biggest hit "Poker Face," in which she lovingly describes The Penised One in such Christian terms as "you got a whorish face" and makes references to  "your hateful fans" and "you pissed off God", punctuated with reminders that "God hates you."

@LadyGaga "Poker Face" parody by WBC is done! Lyrics: Music: sound bite

Aaaaaaanndddd since I took so long before publishing this post, dear Megan above has thoughtfully - with the help of parish donations, undoubtedly - cobbled together a precious little video for us: 

The Church of The Poison Mind Westboro Baptist Cult Church is led by the Nutbag Rev. Fred Phelps, whose family has been the subject of a TV documentary entitled The Most Hated Family In America. Their little God-fearing "church", in the name of the Lord, also runs a lovely site called GodHatesFags. This "church" has been active in spreading God's love by protesting gay events as well as picketing the funerals of homosexuals, with such words of comfort like "He's burning in Hell" and of course, "God hates fags."

Separated at Birth? 
On the left, the befuddled crusader for your last rites. 
On the right, the beleaguered crusader for your rights.

Thankfully, according to Wiki :

"Westboro has been labeled as a cult by the website; as well as by anti-cult figures such as Rick Ross. Westboro's theology differs considerably from mainstream Christianity by espousing that individuals will be given eternal damnation for any number of sins. The members justify their messages, which they acknowledge to be alarming and hurtful, because the messages are intended to turn people from their current paths which will cause them to be sent to hell."

As for the Fame Monster herself:

Looks like it isn't God who hates her, but some other heavenly being. Now who would throw roses from on high like that?

I'm looking at you, missy.


  1. I reviewed a scholarly work on the God Hates Fags movement:

  2. i wonder if they were the same group who protested during matthew sheppard's funeral. hmmm....

  3. natch, what a sensationalist she is. They are a little extreme aren't they? sk tsk...

  4. @ LOF : "Hate is a negative compensation for need. We hate the people we need but have some kind of negative association with that need (including some negative association to the person) and cannot recognize it directly as need. If you didn't need someone, you couldn't possibly hate them."

    I like that. The opposite of love isn't hate. It's indifference.

    @ ewik : I'm not sure, but since they're 101% Pure Concentrated Madness, I wouldn't be too surprised if they protested at your pet hamster's funeral.

    @ Sonia : I may be wrong, but I don't believe Gaga's stooped down to their level of idiocy by issuing a statement. Good for her. It's also a good thing their flock only numbers around 150 or so asshats, thus far.

  5. not really sure what's up with people these days. they hate on the most mundane of things.

    what the?!

  6. WBC is like...comedy in real life. gah. i cant think of any witty comment right now. damn it.

  7. @ engel : Maybe they just hated "Bad Romance."

    @ Herbs : Yes, letting the inmates of Arkham out for some fresh air is always an opportunity for shits and giggles.

  8. oh ruddie, i'm flattered.

    you used my portrait for your last picture!

  9. hate her or love her... the music industry loves her :D

  10. you never fail to entertain me.

    God doesn't hate Lady Gaga. He loves all of us. and no, i'm not being sarcastic or ironic. i really believe He has a plan for all of us. :D

  11. @ Ternie : I've always loved gazing at you like that : roses on your head, eyes turned heavenward, and your beatific "Bitch, please" face.

    @ Rygel : She's the Cyndi Lauper of this generation. Talented, yes. Wacky, yes. Grating - oh, yes.

    @ citybuoy : My dear, sweet child. That's what I do. It's what I live for. To entertain intelligent bloggers - like yourself!

  12. nabaliw ako sa mga phelps na yan nang mag-guest sa tyra. out of this world ang kanilang mga pananaw at paniniwala.

    basta, love ko si gaga. :)

  13. That Megan bitch sure is spiteful. Good thing she's not creative. That "music video" is enough reason for her to be burned alive.

  14. @ Aris : I wish I saw that episode. Did Tyra condemn them with her eyes?

    @ Manech : Ah, that's the word! Spiteful. And mean-spirited. And ugly.

    And yeah, she isn't even creative or remotely funny. I totally agree with you that she should roast for that transgression alone.

  15. naki-ride lang sa kasikatan ni gaga. mamatay este masunog sila sa inngit.

  16. @ Ming : You hit it right on the head.