Friday, February 12, 2010

Long Live McQueen

Alexander McQueen, enfant terrible of British fashion, is dead.

The Daily Mail reports that McQueen, 40, committed suicide today, a week just after his mother died. McQueen took his own life days before the opening of London's Fashion Week and weeks before Paris' Fashion Week, where he was supposed to unveil his new collection .

McQueen's kooky, quirky, yet elegant, otherwordly designs rocketed him to fame and he became head of Givenchy in 1996, where he remained until 2001. He then partnered with Gucci and launched his own label.

 He also designed Gaga's famous Lobster Claw shoes in that "Bad Romance" trainwreck.

Here's a haunting yet strangely poetic video from one of his late-90's shows:

What a waste. And what a shame. Carpe diem, memento mori.

 Alexander McQueen, 1969-2010


  1. Ruddie: you didn't tell me you're a fashionista pala!

  2. @ anteros : There, there. John Galliano still lives, thank God.

    @ Ternie : Oh, I've always been fascinated by fashion. That doesn't make me a fashionista. The horror.

    I like the art and the theatrical presentations, is all. And while I do take some time to think about what I'm gonna wear on the street, I'm happiest in my boxers and nothing else.

    So there >:P

  3. omg. i was just...researching about him this afternoon.......omg. just. OMG :(

  4. Shocking! That's all I can say. =(

  5. how sad. ;c suicide is such a bad way to go.

  6. oh God!! wala na ang genius. RIP McQueen, my fave designer :(

  7. this is sad :( loss of another great talent...

  8. @ engel : Good thing it wasn't Ines de la Fressange or Isaac Mizrahi who went off to the Great Catwalk In The Sky.

  9. @ Everyone Else : Sad, indeed. And even sadder that he chose to take his own life at the pinnacle of his dazzling career. Not that self-termination isn't tragic at any point in our lives; it's just that his death, set against the backdrop of the unveiling of Fashion Week - with all its conceit, artifice, and escapism - throws everything in stark relief.

    McQueen, like all of us, had his own personal demons, depression being chief among them. It's worth noting that with the loss of his mother, everything else he had - fortune, fame, success, adulation - counted for nothing anymore.