Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hell and Condomnation

Mmm, so what else is new?

The RCC once again displays its irrelevance and stupidity yadda yadda yadda.

The erudite Gibbs and the ever-thoughtful McVie have already weighed in on this latest bout of addlepated bullshit, so if you haven't yet, do read their comprehensive takes on the matter.

As for me, while teabagging the clergy always gives me multiple orgasms, in this case methinks I'll refrain from posting a lengthy diatribe about how I really feel about grumpy old geezers in robes telling me what I can or cannot do. Instead, I'll let this video, which I've been saving for just such an occasion, do the talking :

WWJD, indeed.


  1. is it wrong that i enjoyed watching jesus kick the priest's ass?

  2. @ engel : Nopes. It was gratifying.

  3. Ruddie: thou shalst goeth to hell for thy perfidy!!!


  4. @ Ternie : Nadie comprende lo que sufro yo
    Tanto que ya no puedo sollozar
    Solo temblando de ansiedad estoy
    Todos me miran y se van...

  5. ay que melodramatico!

    por que, es tu un actor?!

  6. hmmm...
    am at work, and videos can't be watched.
    im so dying to go home and watch it later.

    btw, rudeboy, my prof didn't approve my proposal. pft, however, he DID approve my proposal "of gays and blogs."

  7. i think they are losing grip with reality. they need to grow up.

    sakit nila sa ulo.

  8. @ Ternie : *facepalm* To heart cries out "Perfidia."

    @ Von Draye : Unsurprising hehe. Maybe your prof found your proposal indecent hehe.

    @ dabo : Their very existence makes for a compelling argument for more widespread condom usage.

  9. i finally got to see this. wala yoochoob sa office eh.

    the christian in me is slightly offended but everything else is in stitches. way to go, JC! my mom asked why i was laughing. i turned off the monitor and said nothing. haha

  10. @ citybuoy: AH, interesting reaction there, Nyl. Why were you slightly offended? Was it because of JC doing some sick roundhouse-kicking, or was it because of the recipient of the smackdown?

  11. Argh! I can't seem watch the video!!!