Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Love You Over And Over Again

I'm not a normally sentimental kind of fellow, and thus, I have never quite celebrated V-Day. But far be it from me to harsh on anyone else's happiness - fragile and fleeting as it may be.

Thus I share with you the following compilation, which I must shamefully admit almost moved me to tears. Because it made me remember that I loved, and loved deeply once. And how beautiful it was.

My own love may have run out, but love itself goes on.


  1. i'm mary oickford incarnate.

    that was her at 3:04-3:310, right? :P

  2. "it made me remember that I loved, and loved deeply once. And how beautiful it was."

    gave me goosebumps - in a good way.

  3. awww, rudeboy was not always rude after all. hehehe! mwah!

  4. ahhh, how i wish someone would quote Colin Firth for me one of these days. =)

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  5. Rudeboy,

    To you and to your beautiful love. May its memory awaken in you the desire to give yourself again. Again and again. =)

    Hug rudeboy. Who knows, you might discover your love hasn't run out, after all.


  6. i second kane.

    perhaps you haven't found someone worth giving what's left sir... but still you have love.

  7. i cant agree more on the last line... haaiisssshhhh

  8. The good thing about that disposition is that you are either proven right, or you are given a nice surprise.


  9. this side of u is rather endearing. how odd. that was the last thing i thought i'd say when i went to your page.