Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tokyo No Otoko

As a matter of personal taste, I've always found chinitos easy on the eyes.

And thanks to Spike and Coat JP and all those other purveyors of Japanese M2M (pixelated pututuys notwithstanding), I've cast a lustful eye or two on the Japanese specimens as well.

Anyway, here are a few otokos I saw on the streets:

Kenshiro, Fist of the North Star. What? What?

And some gaijin thrown in for good measure.


  1. mukhang lonely yung iba sa kanila. hmmm... so anong itsura ng hindi pixelated? ehehehe! (sabay ilag baka mabato)

  2. I like the ones in the third and 11th pictures, please. Served with syrup. LOL For the okama desu. Hahaha

  3. @ Sean : Honga. Lalo na yung nasa 3rd pic. Parang may pinapangarap siya...

    ...siempre hindi ako yun.

    @ Ternie : "I like hosto."

    But of course you do, you dalisay, busilak, at mayumi onee, you :P

    @ Carrie : Yummy nga yung Candidate No. 11. May shot ako na nakatingin siya sa akin pero sa kin na lang yun wehehehe.

    Gusto ko rin si Boy No. 1 and otoko No. 10, yung nababasa ng ulan. Parang bastusan kung bastusan sa futon.

    Si Lonely Boy No. 3 naman, parang yung mga inaabuso sa Jap M2M ^_^

  4. Yummy talaga si no. 11. Sarap pahubarin.

  5. dunno if it's just me, but i don't find japanese boys attractive.

  6. hachi ban no sashin... doshite samishi babyboy?

    ju ichiban no sashin... papa, sekusu yaritai....!!!

    ahahaha... i have always loved them almond-eyed boys! forever will....

  7. i so love japanese men.
    looking at them makes my insides go crazy.
    oftentimes, i wonder if staring at a really hot japboy would make me cum. hmmm, oh i wonder oh so bad.


  8. Mahilig ako sa singkit. Pero ayoko sa maputi. =D

  9. @ Ming : Masarap at masustansya, kahit wala nang Kikkoman. Oy, oy,oishi!

    @ engel : Ii desu yo! That's okay hehe more for us, then :P

    @ Yj : Wala akong masabi. In short, wasabi.

    @ P : They should make an interesting addition to your Cocktales, ne?

    @ Pipo : Ohaiyo! Sa 'kin naman, basta singkit, kikilatisin ko :P Pero iba rin yung singkit na moreno; I agree, parang interesting na combination.

  10. Jap boys are hot!

    #11... Hmmm... Pang "Diary of Eating Straights" ang dating.



  11. there's no arguing the locals are hot. but am freaked by their aura. i can't quite explain it but they scare me.

  12. @ m2mtripper : Hey haha welcome back! Long time no see, ah.

    @ DB : Aura? Uma-aura? Princess Aura?

    What mysterious freaky aura do you mean? The aura of repressed kinkiness of the locals, or their frustrating insularity?

  13. some are cute! i hope those guys in yaoi are real. teehee! i enjoy it more than real japanese guys.

  14. it's raining yellow men! or are they red? haha

  15. @ Nyl : When I was a child, I would draw the different races and color them as follows: flesh tone for Caucasians, black for Negroids, brown for Malays, yellow for Chinese, and, for some odd reason, orange for Japanese.

    I kept the reds for American Indians.

    @ paci : Yeah, that's the thing with yaoi. The expectations become so kinky and so unreal.

  16. i guess that makes sense. they're not red. they're not yellow. they're in between!