Friday, November 19, 2010

Kawaii, Kawaii!!!

Fridays make me happy.

Especially when I don't have to work on the weekends.

And because of these happy thoughts, let us greet the weekend with a kawaii overdose.

The Japanese are known for their love of cutesy things - or kawaii.

Here are a few examples that I saw in my wanderings.


Kawaii, kawaii!


Domo-kun, mascot of the NHK.

The House of Mouse.

Banana boy.

Okay, this was just kinda weird.

And she's creepy.

Oishi desu!

Domo-kun and tomodachi.

Haro, kitty!

And no. I didn't go to the Sanrio Museum.


  1. Oh my, these are so cute.

    Weird nung brown monster pero kahit papano, cute din. Parang brownie na tinubuan ng mukha LOL.

  2. awww. tiyang, ang cute nga naman nila. binebenta ba yung tomodachi at Domo-kun dolls?

  3. kawaii desu ne! banana boy - parang bastos ang dating. happy weekend!

  4. @ Nimmy : Ahehhehehe ^_^ Happy weekend, too.

    @ DB : Sono toori desu!

    @ Ronnie : LOL @ brownie na tinubuan ng mukha! Parang magandang idea tuloy yan for a baking project: Monster Brownies!!!

    @ Mike : Yes, those dolls were for sale at the NHK Gift Shop. The ones in the photo were very big: the Domo-kun one was as big as a trundle bag. I almost bought it - sarap sanang gawing unan - but it was like JPY15,000.00 or something.

    I've seen Domo-kun items in Greenbelt, though - in Tickles(?) near Jollibee. The ComicQuest shops also sell them, may cute backpacks pa nga.

    @ Ming : Mmm I'd say that's a fallacy :P

    @ Sean : Ahaha yeah...Banana Boy sounds deliciously lewd. At sana latundan o lakatan at hindi senorita like Ming was alluding hehehe.

  5. @ rudeboy : hahaha. malamang saba. maiksi pero mataba.

  6. waaaaaaaaa subarashiiiiiiiiiiii sugoi kawaiiiiiiiiii.....

    gusto ko tuloy bumalik bigla ng japan at magjapayuki nalang ulit hihihihihi

  7. @ Sean : Hope springs eternal.

    @ Yj : Japayuki o hosto?

  8. if those two girls were guys, would they still be weird and creepy? :P