Sunday, December 5, 2010


That's how many days it's been since a cigarette has touched my lips.


And no, I wasn't planning on quitting just yet.

Just an interesting side-effect of being an incubus of viral plague.


  1. haha...puede ring i-continue until forever. i dare you. :-)

  2. @ Sonia : Of course, it had to be a doctor who had to make the first comment haha.

    Srsly, I'm touched. As for your dare, I might just take you up on that - considering how heroically I've endured the nicotine withdrawal symptoms thus far. But something has to be at stake for my long-term martrydom, and no, it shouldn't be just my general health and well-being.


  3. ahmmn i have this rule lately --half-pack marlboro lights a day! ha! pwede na din no?

  4. it's sad how people have to get sick before they stop doing what's bad.

    well, kahit di ka pa hihinto, its still good. i guess.

    pagaling ka. :)

  5. Hey, I hope you're feeling better. Ituloy mo na yan since probably the worst is over. It's been 3 months for me and it all started with bronchitis.

  6. @ Sean : Hey, thanks. I'm feeling loads better, unlike the first two days when I wanted to crack my skull open to scoop all the phlegm and mucus out.

    I suspect it could have been bronchitis, but since I didn't bother to go to the doctor to have it looked at, I guess I won't know now.

    And since I've already managed to stop smoking for a week with no sense of volition whatsoever, I'm curious to see how long I can last now that I'm left to my own devices.

    @ engel : Actually, I've been thinking of quitting, but you tend to tempt the fates once you make public declarations of something.

    So I'm not going to say I've quit smoking. I've just stopped.

    For now.

    Fingers crossed :X

    @ DB : Lights na, half-pack pa!

    I was planning on cutting down drastically, but since I've already been slammed cold turkey against my will, I'm going to see how far I can go with it :P

  7. oh, rudiie, can i be your florence jenkins?


  8. @ Ternie : Did you by any chance mean Florence "The Lady with the Lamp" Nightingale? Because I can't seem to find the connection between smoking & sickness & Florence "Murder On The High C's" Jenkins, except maybe a desire for all the horror to be over quickly.

  9. oh crap, it's florence nightingale.

    why did i mix-up florence jenkins? lolz

    p.s. i miss YOU :(

  10. @ Ternie : I guess because FloJen is the operatic equivalent of J.Lo? >:D

    As for missing...awwww,that's so sweet. But Pedro Penduko might disapprove :P

  11. Good to hear you're feeling better, and it's great that you're back!

  12. smoke. smoke. smooooke!

    haha unahan lang yan. either ikaw or yung sakit. you should always have constants. and that is... smooooke!

  13. @ Sean : Thanks, man. Except for this residual cough at panaka-nakang pagbahing at pagsingha, I'm almost hale and hearty. Almost.

    @ Nyl : Oooh, devil's advocate, eh? Well, it's not like I'm swearing off men and devoting myself exclusively to women or anything like that. I'm just trying to see how long I can go without smoking.

  14. But for what? C'mon, Rudie. It feels good. lol

  15. @ Nyl : I have no aspirations to asceticism, Nyl; merely tempering my hedonism.

    Or maybe the smoke got in my eyes one time too many.

  16. ako ang iyong konsensiya.... idiretso mo na!

    huwag kang makinig kay Nyl! Kampon siya ng dilim kaya mahal niya ang usok!

    :) yaiy.... pagaling ka!

  17. @ Yj : Ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    @ Nyl : W-who's Andy?

  18. Just this guy that YJ likes messing around with. haha