Friday, November 12, 2010

Now and Zen

An almost-long weekend is coming up and, despite the fickle weather, a couple of days off is always a good thing. Time to think. Time to de-stress. Time to time-out.

With that, time to share some images of calm and tranquility from the Meiji Shrine and the Imperial East Gardens.

Have a good weekend, minna-san.


  1. I feel like il dolce bianco cigno, quiet in solitude amidst the, ermmm, rainy lake.


  2. @ Ternie : Molto bene. I shall be Odile to your Odette, as you glide guilelessly along Lake Placid.

    Which is actually not a lake, but the palace moat.

  3. tokyo is on the top of my list of travel plans. i love the simplicity and sophistication of this city.

  4. bring me home a bonsai tree. :D

  5. waahhhh!!! inggit mode me. tokyo too has got to be in my bucket list... errr... sort of. ;)

  6. @ engel : Somehow, I knew you were gonna say bonsai.

    @ Mike & hondafanboi : Tokyo is very future-forward yet at the same time still steeped in tradition. It's a fascinating, schizophrenic mix of the old and the new - like encountering a trio of kimono-clad women amidst a gaggle of Harajuku girls.

    And yet, somehow both complement each other.

  7. waaaa *inggit*

    dahil nagpunta ka ng Japan... at madaming pwedeng pasalubong sa Japan... friends na tayo!

    Joke lang! :P

  8. @ Ming : Bukkake in Japan, bukaka in Gapan.

    @ Toilet Thoughts : Ahahahahahaha! Arigato, tomodachi ^_^