Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick Or Threat


Second year in a row I missed Halloween.

Then again, I already live in the House of the Spirits.


I missed the Halloween parties and my EB with engel and Ternie. And I hate not being able to keep my word. But as I told you, mon cher Ternie, my itinerary was most def out of my grubby little hands.

And don't worry, engel, I got your preciouuuusssssssssss...I've also still got your essential oils, Ternie, except I hope they haven't evaporated like disembodied spirits.

Otherwise, it'll have to be the thought that counted.

Anyway, lest I be accused of taking the hallow out of the ween, someone asked me why I don't go to the cemetery on All Souls' Day.

I replied that:

1. My dearly departed aren't there anymore. Just their remains.
2. They wouldn't know if I went, anyway.
3. I remember and think of them even when it's not All Souls' Day.
4. Sometimes, they're the ones who visit me.

And actually, as Trench so helpfully pointed out, it was All Saints' Day yesterday.

Today was All Souls' Day.




  1. i'm expecting two precious already. :)

  2. ui, maraming cute guys sa sementeryo. uve missed a lot.

  3. @ Ming : Are you sure they weren't dead?

    @ engel : Two, and counting.

    @ Ternie : Silly wabbit. Aren't hostos sourced from here? You can get them at factory price.

    Wholesale, even.

  4. hahahahaha! EB talaga?! lol.

    naku, ingat-ingat ka jan kay ternie---nangangagat yan! lol

  5. how do you request an audience with his royal hotness, Rudeboy? =)

  6. happy halloween, rudie. sorry about my last post, na-delete pati comment mo. hindi talaga censorship ang gagawin ko. babawasan ko lang ang pagka-sexy kasi mukhang hindi angkop sa story. thanks. :)

  7. @ ewik : Nangangagat ba? Well, luckily I have a wooden stake and a crucifix, and I ain't afraid to use 'em.

    @ DB : Hehe I don't know about the "hotness" part, but the "royal" has to be followed by the word "pain."

    Srsly, I'm cool with a nice easy meet-up sometime. I've only ever met one other blogger and I have to reset this long-overdue one with Ternie before he makes tampong-pururut again about my so-called "new BFF." o_O

    @ Aris : Hahah no worries. Sayang lang, ni hindi ko nabasa yung original too-hot-to-handle story :P

  8. i have the same belief as your number one. that is why i don't go to cemeteries anymore not even to my mother's grave.

  9. short, sweet. it's been a while since your last post! that or I'm too busy to check out the blogs i normally read.

  10. @ narnian : I don't post all that often (October boasted of three pathetic entries). And maybe you have been too busy to read blogs lately.

    Then again, I myself enjoy reading blogs at my own leisure :P

    @ Bonsaist : Depending on their state of upkeep, I find cemeteries and graveyards to be hauntingly...beautiful. An odd adjective considering what they hold, what they represent, and the sadness and grief they play host to.

    Maybe it's the grand mausoleums in La Loma and North Cemetery, stately mansions for the dead. Or the concrete tombs that still hold their occupants on the same level as the living. There is an eerie silence to them, but an air of peace, as well.

    Memorial parks, on the other hand, I find sterile and empty, for all their manicured hills and landscaping.

  11. tamaaaaaaaaaa.... kaya hindi narin akey umuuwi ng province... hindi ko na rin naman sila mabubuhay.....

    anyhow... i miss ternie....

    and i miss hanging out here... yaiy

  12. Rudeboy,

    One day, you'll make peace with all your ghosts. But until then... it's Halloween all year round, eh?


  13. @ Yj : Huwag Mong Buhayin Ang Bangkay, as that old Rita Avila movie went hehe.

    @ Kane : Well, as you know, I live in harmony with my ghosts.

    It's the living that's the problem.