Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dog Day Afternoon

If it's Tuesday, it must be time to bore you with some dog tales.

Right after I posted my last pet entry, things started looking up. The Sibe and the cat seemed to declare a truce, with the Sibe's initial aggression transforming into something more of an excited curiosity. But since that's what killed the cat, so to speak, I still have to supervise their encounters, like a good U.N. peacekeeper.

For his part, the cat has promoted the Sibe from "Sheer Hatred" to his normal "Contemptuous Dismissal." As for Chow 1, for a good while he seemed to have warmed up to the  Sibe, to the extent of wrestling playfully with him. And all was right with rudeboy's doghouse.

Alas, there is no such thing as a lasting peace.

For some unknown reason, for the past couple of days Chow1 has reverted to aggression towards the Sibe, relentlessly going after his tail every waking chance he gets. Is he trying to establish his place in the pecking order? Is it jealousy? Or madness?

I don't know. All I know is all of them have had their shots, but if this backwards state of events continues, I know I'm going to need shots of my own. Vodka shots. Lots of them.

Alas, my nose is pressed to the grindstone once again, so while I go back to the salt mines (as my Art Director used to say), let me leave you with this imaginary exchange between the members of my animal farm:

Click to view full. And also so you can actually read what's going on.


  1. I want to pet your Sibe! I wish I could have a dog where I live.


  2. Rude: let's have a dog afternoon! my ridgeback with your husky et al lolz

    Lukayo: am quite sure it's not the husky you want to pet.

  3. @Ternie: The SIBE first. Then the lightsaber... hihi!

  4. Passion stirs the pot of creativity. Hahahaha. Galing.

  5. I just realized something - bading pala ang pusa ni rudeboy!

  6. hahaha.

    this is one funny post. so entertaining.

  7. O, HAI, GUYZ!

    Ang cliente talaga, pabago-bago ng isip. Cancel-balut na naman meeting ko, nubaaaaa hmpph.

    @ Lukayo : Where do you live that they don't allow dogs?

    @ E.W. : Actually, you and Musa crossed my mind. I'd love that, but we gotta find a park big enough to contain the dogs' egos - not to mention the owners'.

    @ Galen : Ahehehe haay thanks ;)

    @ john stanley : Ginawa ko lang siyang bakla sa chat. Sa totoong buhay, maton yun. Kilabot ng kapitbahayan.

    @ i am beki : Always happy to entertain. Hope it made your frazzled day a little brighter.

  8. @ Ming Meows : Aba, oo naman. At paninindigan ko ahahhahahaha.

  9. Thank you for this post. It's so funny. I used to have a Lab (+) and if he were human, he'd probably have that same personality. Suddenly, I miss my doggie... and my dog too.

  10. I live in a condo in Makati. Maybe you want to come here sometime.

    Or maybe I can pet your SIBE. :P

  11. Lukayo: whore.

    there. i said something i should've said a LOOOONG time ago.


    Rude: let's do doggying sometime ;)

  12. @Ternie: I may be a whore but at least I know am one. Unlike some who hide behind busilak, dalisay, at mayumi.

    Echosera ka Ternie.

    @Rude: Mi apologies for flooding the comments section. And yeah, I still want to pet your SIBE and the CHOW. Love 'em chows!

  13. this post suddenly made me want to add you on fb- but i do need to meet you first.damn hberkw gbskdgrh lol\

    just wanted to join the bitch fight haha

  14. @ Tristan : Hey, there busyboy. I'm sure the DC mongrels can keep you distracted ;-P

    @ Lukayo : I see that Ternie's fixation for engel's parrot has modified itself in your fixation for my Sibe haha.

    @ E.W. L Mmm doggying. You dirty-talker, you.

  15. @ Herbs D.: FB? I ain't on FB, baby. And this ain't no bitch fight - just da homedawgs yippin' and yappin', yo!

  16. swear, pag di mo na talaga kaya controllin yung mga alaga mo bigay mo sakin, kahit ano!!!

    thank you rudeboy. you're the best =D

  17. @ engel : Ahahahaha I already told you I'd keep your offer in mind. Anyway, I'm sure you'll be busy, what with your new lovelife and all wooshoo!

  18. nah, actually kunwari bigay mo isa sa aso mo, swerte pa yun kasi 2 na kami mag-aalaga sa kanya diba? =D

  19. but i want to be on a bitch fight! (assuming their all girls)

    baby, you aint livin' if you dont have a facebook account

  20. @ Herbs D. : I guess that makes me one of the living dead, then :P

  21. this is hilarious! haha i love how your persian consistently lolspeaks. haha

    my vote's for teh kitteh. :D he always has my cheezeburger. :D

  22. @ citybuoy : My cat just tweeted you this: "I WUV U HUGZ XOXOXOXO"