Friday, November 20, 2009

World Peace!

Or not.

I always thought beauty pageants were inherently vapid and shallow - if occasionally amusing - spectacles. The same way I always thought pageant losers were the biggest hypocrites this side of the Comelec. Standing around all poised and smiling and clapping while deep down inside their thoughts were filled with violence towards the undeserving winner.

Well, someone's finally proven me correct. And the fact that this happened at a gay beauty pageant (Miss Gay Brazil 2009, to be precise)  makes it all the sweeter:

What poise! What grace! What - what the fuck?!?! Someone should turn this into a movie, stat. Like Drag Queen Me To Hell.


  1. what you drag out of youtube is lurve.

    all pun intended.


  2. damn it, i can't watch this thing in the office!!! arrrgh


    Miss Brasil FTW!!!!!

  4. Aylavet!!!! LOL!!!!

    I don't understand Portuguese (Brazil's language, right?) but I'm very very entertained. LOL!

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  6. i hope they cut that bitch's head off. btterness hsa no place in ths world lol

    btw did they intentionally replay that scene over and over again

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  7. akala ko sa mga comedy shows lang nagaganap to.

    btw, disappointing ang beauty ng mga brazilian atehs to think na maraming brazilian hot models dito.

  8. Now that's pageantry at its best. Hahaha.

  9. @ Tristan : Now that's how you give a Brazilian!

    @ Ternie : I thought you might enjoy a little hair-pulling incident.

    @ engel & the curioscat: Have you seen it yet?

    @ m2mtripper: The winner takes it all. The loser takes it off.

    @ Mr. Scheez : This is one of those things that speak for themselves.

    @ Metamorphosis : I hope she didn't win the Miss Congeniality award, jussayin'

    @ Herbs D. : Yes, the instant replays are standard fare in most sporting - or unsporting - events such as these.

    @ Ming Meows : Apparently, truth is stranger than fiction.

    @ Manech : If only the Bb. Pilipinas could be as klassy!

  10. the winner could have been a great lead for the remake of THE SHINING!!!

    tarush ng mga fota..... nice...:)

  11. @ Yj : I thought s/he looked horsey when she first heard that s/he won, but wearing the crown later, she looked...oddly radiant. Or SHINING, if you please.

    Fantastic what rhinestones can do.

  12. "Drag Queen Me To Hell". lol!