Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cats Vs. Dogs

A short intermission between Broadway, death, and general annoyance posts.

Despite the recent, irritating trend of long-term bloggers shuttering or, even more vexingly, simply neglecting their online homes without at least the decency of burning them to the ground, there remain some encouraging developments. Renowned and veteran blogger gillboard, for instance, recently created a new blog called  The Puppy Diarist , that aims to chronicle undoubtedly-amusing and heartwarming* tales of how he plays father to two new dogs.

A comment expressing sympathies for his self-imposed calvary shortly appeared in his Comments Section.

Not mine, unfortunately.

While I am, as my About Me section has stated for the past three years, a "harassed father to (a fluctuating number of) psychotic dogs" and now, two kittens, I tend to share the common opinion that cats are indeed smarter than dogs.

As the following video so scientifically, definitively, and hilariously points out.

If you love either smart cats or stupid dogs, do give the video a chance and watch it. I almost died at "...while here a cat who has just enjoyed an amuse-bouche and a snow pea gratin is fascinated by the dinner conversation about Habermas' Dialectic of Enlightenment."

Alas, the video doesn't go into why they're so smug and snooty. 

Aside from evil.

Which, I suppose, is just as well.


*Update : Make that "heartbreak" as well. As of this writing, his latest entry is about the loss of his famous parrot - the one in his avatar and the one I threatened to pluck alive years ago.

For more details, go to his blog and read on.


  1. I feel so recognize with your post ...

  2. I'm assuming you're talking about the first reply in the first post? That was a pretty weird comment. :I

    and yes, more pussy love. I grew up with several dogs running around the house. By the time we got our first cat, she had managed to rule them all. kilter in the flesh!

    1. Kitler, I meant. And that video? Huhhh-larious!

    2. Hehehe @ Kitler.

      Glad you liked the vid ; I loved the narration haha.

  3. crazy video. lol

    met two lesbians, proud parents to several cats and dogs. they maintain that the cats are smarter than the dogs. garfield and odie anyone? hehe

    1. Dogs aren't automatically stupid - depending on the breed, they can be very smart, indeed.

      But cats, across the board, are cunning and clever.

      And evil.

  4. i loved cats, specially during the old days when i can be cruel to them and people would just dismiss it because i was a stupid child.

    i had a cat who loved to massage my scalp with her tongue, but unfortunately she was brutally murdered by our dogs.

    murderous tendencies aside though, i like keeping dogs more than cats because they like playtime more than kitties.

    will watch video at home.

    thanks for the free blog promotion though i think i gained 2 more followers because of you. :)

    1. oh and i'm still waiting for my trinkets. i'm expecting 3 now, btw. :P

      CAPTCHA - usedtit

    2. "i had a cat who loved to massage my scalp with her tongue, but unfortunately she was brutally murdered by our dogs."

      This should be a scene from an Ishmael Bernal movie.

      You cat-killer.

  5. i can imagine you being the narrator.

    1. I can imagine narrating it ;)

      Except instead of cats and dogs, I'd be narrating about Closets Vs. Out N' Prouds.

    2. Ahahahahaha yeah! What a coincidence, huh.

  6. p.s. i looked at the commenters of the parrot post.

    those were the days, no?

    1. Well...speaking of those absentee blog owners!

      And yes - those were the days, Ternie.


  7. People say cats are smarter because they are more independant then dogs. That doesn't prove much, really! I mean, dogs can be independant too, just not as independant as cats can be! Some cats get stuck in trees when in the progress of hunting and some dogs have accidents in the house, (If house trained) its not the cat's OR dog's fault, it just makes them what they truly are! To be honest, I'm a dog AND cat lover 4 life!