Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday the 26th

I see your terrible ad/On the cinema screen/
And i'm like/ Fahgget you

What makes you go mad?

Looking at a certain abrasive gay "comedian's" mug 40 feet high on the silver screen trying to be the unholy love child of Effie Trinket and Chi Chi LaRue while pimping out Halloween fills me with such inexplicable rage I feel like a kindred spirit to apoplectic homophobes everywhere.

As in my thought balloon bursts with a single thought: "Fagsfagsyoufuckingfags."

Scream, you screaming queen.

Also, getting long impassioned pleas on FB for financial assistance from grips I'm not even close with. Grips to whom I already gave - not lent - a couple thousand bucks, ostensibly for their ailing grandmothers.

Even though I already protested that I'm neither the BVM, Toni Rose Gayda's mother, nor what the great atheist Christopher Hitchens derisively dismissed as "a thieving, fanatical Albanian dwarf," apparently I'm still mistaken for Cielito "Mahal" del Mundo. 

In the interest of public service, let it be known that that's an "L" on my forehead, not a fucking red cross. So call Princess Punzalan's ex-husband or the good Mrs. Villar or any other politician/political wannabe who needs a photo-op for your sob stories, geeeeeez.

Here's your mother of mercy, you (^*#^@%%*(!!!

Oh, hello. Have we met?

I'm Stabby McStabberson.

And yes.

We all go a little mad sometimes.

I'm not crazy. I'm just a little unwell.


  1. Sometimes it's a "C" that they see on our foreheads...

    "Cash Cow"

    1. "C" is for Charity.

      Or as the bekis might say: "Charing!"

      But if you have a little more class, you'd say "Charisse!"

      And of course, for the truly discreet, the word is "Charles!"

  2. ung movie ni vice hahaha i hate it too ;)

    1. S/he doesn't need a movie for us to hate her.

      Actually, one needs no motive at all.

  3. i have not seen vice's movie. and thank god i don't have people texting me asking me for money.

    or maybe i give the aura that i don't have cash these days. LOL

  4. i only saw him/her briefly on tv the last time i was in manila. i changed the channel.

    i'll give you a crown, scepter and sash and appoint you for bb. pilipinas charities

    1. Sean, I...I wasn't expecting thissssss!!!