Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Drive

The roads were open wide as my brother and I took a leisurely afternoon drive.

It had been a trying week and I think we both needed to get out of the house - and nothing like the wide open spaces of Sundays to take our thoughts elsewhere.

The open road slowed to a crawl as we reached an intersection. There was an excited crowd milling about - mostly a lot of youths hanging around the mini-park near where whatever it was that was causing the buildup happened.

"Away?" I asked, craning my neck.

"Nah," replied my brother. "Looks like an accident."

Neither of us could see what was really going on because oncoming jeepneys predictably slowed down to gawk at the scene and blocked our view.

I still thought there had been a brawl and, while mumbling about the rubberneckers slowing down traffic, nevertheless readied my own phone to snap a shot of whatever it was.

We inched closer to ground zero, and  whatever it was slowly started to come into view.

And then there it was.

A white taxi.

An overturned bicycle.

And still entangled in the bicycle, what I thought was a young man.

He lay very still on the street where he fell. There was no blood. He must've broken his neck instantly on the concrete after the cab struck his bicycle.

The cab can't have been going very fast, for the bicycle was just lying right in front of the fender.

I gasped at the realization that I was looking at a corpse, where just moments ago there had been a living, breathing man. A man with a wife, possibly - a family, even. Family members who, at that moment, still had no idea what had befallen their loved one, while strangers like us gawked and gaped at his fate.

I had seen the remains of vehicular accident victims before, the most gruesome of which was a motorcyclist who had gotten entangled in the wheels of a ten-wheeler and consequently had his intestines paving a good red stretch of the highway.

I had flinched briefly then, but morbid curiosity won over and I took some shots.

We passed the scene - the empty white taxi as still as its victim, both seemingly frozen in time on the road - and went on our way.

My phone was still in my hand.

I had no need for a picture.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, denggoy. Pity was the overwhelming emotion that came over me, too.

  2. i hope his family finds out what had happened to him.

    i sometimes wonder if the missing persons poster/announcement we see or hear are accident victims whose bodies have not yet been found.

    btw, i hope you're doin ok.

    1. I hope so, too, Mr. Green Thumb. Because it would be another layer of tragedy if they were just waiting, waiting and wondering why he hadn't come home yet.

      As for me, I'm all right, thanks for asking.

  3. hmmmmmm.... minsan may ganito tlga mga ngyayari

    1. You can say that that's life, KULAPITOT.

      And life is short.

  4. Tragic...

    Bakit wala nagdadala sa hospital?

    1. Did you mean the morgue, Mac? Because the poor fellow was already dead. The entire tragedy was still fresh enough, though, that nobody had yet thought of covering him up with some newspapers.

      And fortunately, his face was turned away from our view.

      I know you see a lot of this in your work at the hospital; I can imagine how traumatic it must've been the first few times you had to witness up-close and personal the mortality of others.

  5. It's moments like that that can bring a man to his knees (and I don't mean in that way) I've only seen it once and I looked away really quickly. The few milliseconds I saw though have always stayed with me. Even as I type this, I flinch.

    What is your obsession with death, Rudie? I'm sure it's not always this (for lack of a better word) beautiful.

    1. Death is ever on my mind, dear Nyl.

      Truth be told, 'twas the fear of imminent mortality that led to the creation of this blog.

      I don't romanticize it - I'm too old for emo goth shit - but it's been making itself felt around me of late (see my previous entry.)

      Anyway, as always, you are a keen and observant lad.

    2. Every cryptic, Rudie. And there is no need for flattery. You had me at that red dress post. :p

    3. Mmm "Red Dress Post"?

      This blog's but a mere three years old and yet I can't recall that post.

      Refresh my memory? ;)

    4. I seem to recall this post about passion? Something about you walking past a display and seeing a red dress and being so humbled by the man's passion?

      Oh gawd, was that a different blogger? I could've sworn that was you. I still love your work, nevertheless. You know that naman, dabahh? :p

  6. Totoong nangyayari/pwedeng mangyari kahit kanino .. Reality nga sabi nila.

    Pero yung mga ganitong event hindi ko tlga maiwasang malungkot :(

    1. Tingin ko, ang kalungkutan natin sa pagpanaw ng ibang tao - kahit pa di natin sila kilala - ay isang patunay ng ating pagka-"tao."

      And as that famous poem goes: "Ask not for whom the bells toll; they toll for thee."