Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Morning with Mozart

It's raining outside and Mozart is on my iTunes. Yes, music soothes the savage beast, but as of this writing, this beast needs little soothing. I'd just gotten off the phone with client and discovered that my presentation isn't tomorrow, as I thought, but next week. It's aaaaaalllllll good, because I finished the Powerpoint thingy last night and emailed it already. So today I just have to contend with some minor paperwork and long-overdue filing. I've also finished my long, long overdue billing statements and should be able to replenish my funds after all the abono I made to suppliers.

This is the pace I like.

Of course, this could all turn on a dime, but I am relishing this moment along with my third cup of java for the day.

Now if I can only get a blowjob.


  1. mozart makes my acne go away. which is pretty awesome :D

  2. hmmm curious as to how you'd get what you want. =P

    good to read positive things every once in awhile.

  3. @Herbs D,: Hahaha that was funny. Thanks for the laugh!

    @engel : Hello my fellow non-churchgoer! Regarding the blowjob in question, I have heard that wrapping raw liver around your schlong gives comparative relief, with the added benefit of your being able to chop it up later for a meal. Not that I've tried it, mind you.

    And speaking of dead animal parts - time for lunch. Later, gaters.

  4. you have a way of describing the seemingly mundane and making it seem like it's the hottest thing since sliced bread. reading your post, i kinda miss working. i've been on a self-imposed sabbatical since last week and it's been driving me insane.

  5. @ citybuoy : Aw, thanks, Nyl. It was a bubble of perfect contentment out of a foam of daily minutiae I just wanted to hold for a little while. I understand kinda missing work, but aren't sabbaticals supposed to allow you to regain sanity instead of the other way around? Can't wait to read what you have to write about that.

    In the meantime, since you've been blogging since 2004, I've a lot of reading to do.

  6. It's just now that I was able to return to your blog. You never fail to relish the bright side. Keep it up.

    - Paurong

  7. @antiarte: I do? And I thought I was bellyaching a bit much. Anyhow - thanks. Silver linings and all that.

  8. Spending time with pareng Wolfie in the morning is a good way to start the day.

    George dude and utol Johann Basti are good fellows to be with, too, for breakfast.

    And I don't mean by having them for breakfast. That's a totally different thing.


  9. @Eternal Wanderer : Totes agree.

    As for having them for breakfast, a short anecdote:

    A naive young lady was being given a classical music appreciation course. At the end of Nocturne in G Flat, she asked the instructor "Who composed that lovely piece?"

    "Chopin," replied the instructor.

    "Ah," nodded the girl. "And is he composing now?"

    "No, madam," replied the instructor, deadpan. "He is decomposing."