Friday, September 4, 2009

Do You Give Good Face?

The French, as you know, are glad to die for love. Hence, quelle quelle surprise that their term for an orgasm is le petit mort. Little death. As in, every time you make me cum, I die a little.

Anyhow, you know what an O-Face is, right? It's that expression on your mug as you approach - or are in the midst of - an orgasm.

Now unless you're Hayden Kho or incredibly narcissistic, I very much doubt if most of us have seen ourselves make those little faces of death, much less immortalize them in portraits.

Photographer Giulio Scorio has done just that, in his series entitled Faces of Ecstasy. The blurb on his site says “Faces of Ecstasy is a series of portraits taken while the subject is mid-orgasm. All orgasms are real. What is happening behind the scenes is for the viewer to decide.”

Below, a few more samplings for your viewing pleasure. You can see the rest at his official site. Enjoy!

Link courtesy of Homotography


  1. Interesting. I should take a picture one of these days. Ha ha.

  2. Please do, Tristan! Hahah I am most curious.

  3. now i'm starting to wonder how my face looks like in that particular instant. i should record it on video then take a snapshot.

  4. Heheh john stanley. I'm pretty sure we all look funny in that instant. Sounds like an interesting blogger project, though haha.

    "Cumface-to-face" or something like that.

  5. Now I'd be very curious about my facial expression when I cum. Mamaya nga masubukan. Hahaha.

  6. shit. i wonder what i look like. hahaha

  7. @Herbs D. : You're a photographer, right? Surely it's a just a matter of timing and a cable release hehe.

    And thanks for checking out my little part of the blogosphere!

  8. you're so effing welcome. & besides, you're awesome :D