Thursday, September 10, 2009


A working day today for me.

Evening Adagios, ironically, on the iTunes at 7 a.m., coffee and cigs both already hot and piping.

Still relaxed - no client interface today. Which means I can go to the editing suite in my slippers if I'm so inclined.

The rain never stopped yesterday and so the compound has once again turned into a tree-lined lake. No worries there - the lovely thing about doing official client business is I get to have a driver and a service vehicle. So none of that hassle of duking it out on Manila's flooded streets today.

I should get up earlier in the mornings. My disposition seems to be much better at this time, my perspectives clearer, my mood lighter. But since I awoke at 3 a.m. last night and took the pups out for a short sniff-n-splash in the flooded garden, I'll probably be nodding off later at around 1 p.m. No place like the arctic editing suite for that.

Ah. A few shafts of sunlight pierce through the still-gloomy skies

Good day, everyone.


  1. good day to you too :D
    buti nga umaraw na rin sa wakas eh. just when i thought i'd wear my fierce cardigans on LOL

  2. Someone got up in a good mood today.

  3. After a cold rainy night, the happy morning sun comes out. Nice day indeed!

  4. Just when I decided to wear a windbreaker, sun had chosen to show its radiant light.

  5. nakakahawa naman yang mood mo. hehe have a nice day din! :D

  6. good day, rudeboy! i agree, waking up early does set a great mood. :)