Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I bumped into Lu, quite by chance, while doing chores this morning at Greenbelt. And learned first-hand that her move to Canada is definite. As of next Tuesday, she will be shivering in Ontario/Vancouver/Edmonton, clad in her Muji winterwear.

Her departure was merely coincidental - or so she says - with D's decision to pack up their Makati office. He spent the better part of the previous holiday season moving his stuff (and God forbid, his staff) here.

Coupled with all the equipment I schlepped when we shut down my own little bar early last year, this two-storey house is getting pret-ty crowded.

In the midst of all this moving and chaos, I wonder how our resident ghosts are taking everything. I hope the good ones stay.

And as of this afternoon, this text:

"It's official...O-bar Malate closes 
on Jan. 31, fyi."

The sinister Chinese Saruman of Malate strikes again.


  1. they come and go.

    but what matters are the memories made.

    not to mention the bookings.


    1. Why are you quoting Karma Chameleon?