Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And Hell Froze Over

Strange and curious things.

Just the other day two significant people from my past suddenly popped up in my portable personal electronic communications device (that's a cell phone, to the less-pretentious of us.)

From out of the blue was my ex-girlfriend. The one I ever truly loved. 

I know she's on Facebook and I had scanned her FB profile exactly once ever since she wisely refused my ideas of a life together. Instead, she relocated to Singapore, where we hugged in the train station very cinematically the first time I visited her. We spent a lovely day then at the zoo, neither talking about what had been but silently wishing each other well.

Two years later she upped and married a nice expat - whom I spent awkward moments with sharing thrill rides at some odd amusement park at the anus of Singapore while she grinned at us from the safety of the solid ground below - and had lovely children in the Caribbean.

"Let's have lunch!" she exclaimed over Private Messaging. "Come up to the house if you can."


The house.

Where I stood awkwardly at her doorstep one evening, exchanging wordless glances with her ex-boyfriend, who was also there for Lord knows what reason.

Or maybe she was the reason. Not unlike her - with her flair for the dramatic - to have planned it that way, as the wide grin on her face revealed when she saw two young men after her hand standing in her doorway.

Neither of whom would win a life with her in the end, anyway.

The other blast from the past was my ex-BFF.

The one I swore never to talk to again until after our little unfortunate business venture was at an end.

Which did end: miserably, mercifully, finally, after seven arduous years.

For his part, he chose Viber to slither back into my life.

"Hey Rudi, how are you?"

I didn't see the message until late the next day.

"Ahhh hello," I responded at the unknown number. "And this is...?"


I took a full 24 hours before I replied.

"And I thought the Apocalypse was a no-go."

Well. I did promise I wouldn't speak to him until after the venture was done.

And now that it's done, I am bound to my word. The same way I honored it by cutting off all communications with him for the past six years.

And while I'm musing, why would my ex-girlfriend want to have lunch, after all these years ? After I boycotted her wedding and missed every significant event in her life after that?

Like I said: strange and curious things.


  1. maybe she just misses you. some catching up? you'll never know until you accept the invitation.

    i'm curious, and forgive me for asking, does she know you "bat for both teams"?

  2. True @ the first statement, Mr. Green Thumb.

    As for the second...we never really discussed my team memberships while we were together - which, truth be told, wasn't really very long. But she's a smart girl: I had a feeling she figured it out shortly after we parted ways.

    But she never once discussed it with me afterwards.Which is why I also have a feeling it's one of those things she'd rather not talk about, too. I imagine it made her uncomfortable, which is strange because she was one of the most open, accepting girls I ever met.

    But hey - people are strange.

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  3. Replies
    1. I should have smelled the brimstone the moment the message came in.

  4. Replies
    1. Assuming there is a God, from what I've read of the Bible, his games should make me wary.

      At least the Olympians would throw some hot monkey sex into the mix every so often.

  5. Maybe they're not done with you yet. Unfinished business, that sort of thing. =) There's really only one way to find out, is there?

    1. Well, look who's also back from the great unknown.

      Hello, Kane. So nice to hear from you.

      Like my ex-gf and ex-BFF, we've got some catching up to do, too.