Sunday, August 5, 2012

Waking Dream

I woke up today gripped by a sadness so overwhelming it was like a vise.

This crushing embrace is not a stranger ; I've been seized and squeezed by its bony fingers before.

I know what triggered it; both events are out of my hands.

A curious thought wafted in as I transitioned between my troubled dreams and anxious wakefulness: "Some people are lucky to wake up at all."

But now I am awake, and once more find myself in a fugue.

I would run, run, run back into the arms of unconsciousness.

But there would be no solace in slumber.

Because the phantasms invade my dreams and I cannot lose them, not even in the labyrinthine corridors of my subconscious.

And so here I am, awake.

Staring at bleakness.

In despair's cold embrace.


  1. i usually watch SATC episodes on my laptop to get over this kind of feeling.

    it gets better, i say to myself.

    followed by ... but it also takes time.

    1. It's been a day and I'm still...anguished.

      I hope you're right, though, Mr. Green Thumb.

      About getting better. And time.

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    1. I was looking back at previous years' entries and apparently, August is not my friend, Mac.

      Thanks for the good thoughts. August,too, shall pass.

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    1. I must say I was very surprised to read your comment, icarusboytoy, but yes...I genuinely appreciate it and I thank you.

      And in light of the circumstances surrounding your current blog post, I must offer you the same wishes.