Wednesday, December 14, 2011

O, Hai and Dry

Well, I knew I'd miss the date.'s been a little over a year since I quit stopped smoking.

I shoulda taken bets. Still...yay, me, I guess, right?

And thanks to my latest waltz with mortality, I also haven't been drinking for more than a month now. 


With all the drunken Christmas parties left and right, the timing sure sucks. And I so miss alcohol. It's so useful when trying to get into straight guys' pants.

Good thing I never get the DT's *casts side-eye at the late, lamented Amy Winehouse*

In a bit of good news, though, I finally, FINALLY shot my wad after more than a month of abstinence, courtesy again of the grim fandango. *thanks Pamela Handerson*




I may not be a lush anymore, but I am not some fucking ascetic! 

You people.


  1. lol i like the use of 4chan images here. very apropos.

  2. Well, we all need some form of release. :)

    Way to go, monk. Hehe.

  3. @ Manech : I need release from this oppressive wholesomeness!!!


    Monk. I like that. If I ever find/beg/borrow/steal the time, I'd go over to my other blog and start "The Adventures of Honky-Tonk Monk."

    @ triggered_shot: What can I say? I enjoy the deep, dark bowels of the internet known as 4chan.

  4. Dont know who 4chan is but Pamela surely did his job well.

    Wish he has a mouth...?

  5. @ Kiks : 4chan is not a person, but rather a hive mind composed of the internet's best and brightest *coughwheezecough*. Like Soylent Green, it is made of people - barely - but if you know what's good for you, you will cease all resistance.

    In other matters, Pamela Handerson is my right hand, while Laura Palmer is my left.

    I wish they both had oral orifices, but that's easily simulated with a slice of cow's liver.

    And that's enough TMI for this issue, methinks.

  6. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. lolz

  7. @ Nyl : Oh, it's just that there's no one to play with. Hence, my current dullness. Unless of course you wanna play with me *wink wink*

  8. Oh, Rudie. I've had nothing but time.