Monday, December 26, 2011

Nick of Time

I just discovered last night over Noche Buena with the fam, that my 15- and 12-year old nephews still believed in Santa Claus - no thanks to my wicked, fairy-tale enabling brother.

Hence, I bring you the Santa story, by way of Neil Gaiman. From his original poem "Nicholas Was."

Ho, ho, ho.


  1. hmm... first time i heard the poem, thanks for sharing.

    merry xmas!

  2. okay ah laki na maka santa pa rin! gusto ko sana panuodin ang video kaso wala akong speaker kainis!

  3. it would be sad to break the hongkees' hearts if i play the video here at the hospital lobby. let's see if i can play it in my bed.

    just the same, have you shown them the video? they will probably love Neil Gaiman and start developing (for a lack of a better term) fancier creativity.

  4. @ Kiks : Do the Hongkees still believe in jolly old St. Nick?!? I thought they were a little more sophisticated than that. Also, are you in the hospital?? What gives?!?

    As for my blizzard-blinded nephews, no, I haven't shown them the vid... yet. Although it's extremely tempting, out of Yuletide consideration for my brother and his sadistic wish to maintain the ignorance *errrrr* innocence of his precious little snowflakes, I shall refrain from breaking the sad news of Santa's non-existence to them.

    I think I'll let their fellow high schoolers have that honor - they're far crueler than I am, after all. And once they've been disabused of the notion of some overweight Caucasian man bearing dubious gifts, i can start making them think about the existence - or lack thereof - of the Invisible Man in the Sky.

    I'm such a great uncle.

    @ prinsesamusang: Sana mapanood mo yung video, maikli lang naman ang pagdurusang walang-hanggan ni Santa Claus.

    Also, tuli na ang mga pamangkin ko, kaya di na sila dapat nagpapaniwala sa kung sinong Pontio Pilatong lumilipad sa ere at pumapasok sa bahay ng may bahay ang walang permiso tuwing Kapaskuhan.

    @ Orange Wit : Apparently, Neil Gaiman has it in for Santa, too.

    Oh - and Merry Christmas to you too! :P