Saturday, June 30, 2012

Black On White : A Gay Pride Filmfest

Since I won't be here to celebrate Fag Festival 2012™ (off to Bangkok again in the morning, where Pride is commercialized sometime during the -Ber months), I leave you with a few little shorts, which will hopefully amuse you as you primp and preen for all the fabulous fun and fancy activities on this Dandy Day of Debauchery.

First off is this charming little homage to the divine Karen Black's Trilogy of Terror, in particular the 3rd installment involving that Zuni doll with petty rage issues:

In case you're curious, kittens, here's the original. 
I suggest you watch it in all its full schlocky 1975 TV-movie glory:

Part 2:

And finally, Part 3:

Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to find the one where the Karen Black character was being assaulted by a murderous dildo instead of a rampaging doll. (Karen Black Like Me, 1997, by Mirra Bank.  A 10-minute marvel from the Best of Boys In Love DVD compilation*, thank God for Google). That one definitely had me in stitches - of the laughing kind.

But see how the Rainbow Gods of Gayness smile upon us! In place of an anonymous queen being attacked by a plastic penis, here's drag queen goddess RuPaul in his 1st Made-For-TV movie, back when s/he was a wee twiggy lass just scaling the heights of ambition:

And with that, I bid you Happy Gay Pride! 

Ride with Pride!

Or if not, at least launder with it.

For more whiteness in your White Party.


*I actually have this DVD, but damn this early morning flight. Means I can't yet rip it for our mutual video viewing pleasure. But I will sometime. 

Just because I love you. 

Yeah, that's it.


  1. I love you, too. Hahaha.
    Too bad. You're gone for the White Party and it's my first time to attend it!

    1. I hope you enjoyed your virgin tour, db! :D

  2. Replies
    1. Of what? Karen Black Like Me?

    2. oh, sorry. saw the video already.

      sharing this, i think you'll like the video --

    3. Thanks for the vid!

      I wasn't entertained as much as I was wondering about the technicals and logistics of that little gem.

      Hmmmmmmm I owe my drag queens a short film; maybe we can start with music videos like that and work our way up.