Friday, October 15, 2010

Look! Up In The Sky!

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

Well, it sure don't look like Superman.

Thanks to sheer and utter boredom, I haven't been keeping tabs on the news lately. Apparently, sometime between Mark Herras' dick-exposure-while-chatting-with-another-guy-on-webcam scandal and the continuing saga of the Kris Vs. James domestic drama, there's been a rash of UFO sightings this past week - the latest happening last Wednesday, October 13, over Noo Yawk.

This looks like some Independence Day shit.

Remember how those humongous alien crafts in that movie suddenly appeared over some major cities all over the world?

San Francisco, USA

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Montreal, Canada

Qinling, China

Considering how shitty things have been of late, I, for one, welcome our alien overlords.


And happy payday weekend.


  1. Totoo ba 'tong mga aliens? Tas may nabasa pa ako na may communication na namamagitan sa aliens at mga "elite" people na kumokontrol daw sa mundo.

    Tama nga ang label mo, WTF. ;)

  2. We come in peace. :0

    Happy payday weekend, Rudeboy! Don't spend it all on narcotics! hahaha j/k

  3. i don't know what to believe anymore. :P

    rudie: halloween's almost here!!!

  4. Supergirl fought with the aliens right? so i believe in UFOs! bwahahhaha :P

  5. yeah payday weekend, but im already waiting for the next one : D

  6. @ ahmer : Oh. Have you blown it on last night's mallwide sale?

    @ Soltero : Did she? I know she fought the Giant Frog, then the zombie horde, then that hunchback henchman who turned into a bat, before the final Boss Battle with the Super Saiyan combo of the devil (played by Liza Lorena in a one-shouldered couture gown) who took over Odette "Mad Scientist Mom" Khan's body.

    Maybe you meant Ate, errr. GOVERNOR Vi in Darna and the Planet Women? Yet another great Pinoy camp classic.

    @ engel : As Mulder said: "I want to believe."

    And yes, engel. Soon.


    @ Ternie : Mars Attacks? I got something better: Marse! Attack! Now Na, Beki!

    @ Nyl : I usually come with a lot of grunting and a blast of heavenly trumpets, but hey - whatever floats your boat hehe.

    As for narcs - naaaaah. I blow my cash on other useless things.

    @ Ronnie : Aliens have existed since time immemorial. In Arizona and Texas, for instance, they're called Mexicans.

  7. you're funny. maybe it's a worldwide conspiracy theory, though? :-)

  8. @ Sonia : Mmm I love me a good conspiracy theory. Except if it's a worldwide thing, how come we only get to have manananggal sightings, while even Malaysia gets some cool UFOs?

    So not fair.