Saturday, August 21, 2010


Watery eyes, check.

Runny nose, check.

Fever and chills, check.

Yep, I'm a sick boy.

There's an old aphorism that says grown men revert to little boys crying for their mothers when they get sick.

Well, I want my mom.

I want chicken soup. I want orange juice. I want her to check on me as I sleep and tell my clients that I can't come to work because I'm sick and need to rest.

Pfft. This is what I got:

Mom: When you're better, get vaccinated against flu and H1N1.

If there was ever any doubt where I got my sardonicism from, look no further.


  1. tough love. :) get well soon.

  2. Oh noes! Get well soon!

  3. that's just her way of showing lambing...deep inside she wants you to really get well soon :P

  4. well, she's being practical :P

    lemme take care of you.

    and your light saber weeeee

  5. @ Ternie : Sometimes I can't believe I came from the womb of a finance person. Well, she always was the brains of the operation; she's also shrewd enough to let my dad think he was all these years.

    And while your offer is good, alas, there is no power in the saber right now, and won't be for a while.

    @ soltero : My idea of lambing is her having my brother bring over some comforting lasagna and white beans. It's that new two-day old granddaughter, I just know it. I'M THE FUCKIN' PRINCE, HANDS OFF MY MOTHER, YOU SQUEALING, SCENE-STEALING PINT-SIZED PRETENDERS TO THE THRONE!!! GRRRRHHHHHH!!!!!

    @ FC, engel, & Aris : Thanks for the well-wishes. If there's anything I hate more than Arroyo, ampalaya, and stupidity, it's getting sick. Haaaaay.

    @ narnian : Tough love it is. Tough shit for me.
    Seriously, this sucks balls 'coz I have three consecutive shoots starting - oh yay - today. Yay, me.

  6. i think ang sweet ng mom mo. in her own little way, that is. 2010 na daw. nadebunk na ang touch therapy. lol

  7. san kaya nila nakuha magpainom ng orange juice/royal/mirinda pag may lagnat mga anak, noh?

    get well soon.

  8. @ Bonsaist : Must be the Vitamin C content, real pulp bits or imaginary.

    @ Nyl : Sweet, yes. Calculating, also. By letting her know I was playing patty-cake with death again, I effectively won immunity from any familial scorn for my glaring sin of being the only one not to come and see her newest grandchild in the nursery.

    Her Highness doesn't like me checkmating her like that. Hence, no lasagna for me.


  9. The best people are both sweet and calculating. haha two adjectives you'd easily find in a textbook leo. :)

  10. i do love the taste of mirinda/royal when i have a fever. :)