Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Oracle

After I wrote this previous, troubled post ,  I randomly turned to the bowels of the internet to divine some answers.

Here is your reading.

Your question: what will happen tomorrow

Click on the card to turn it over.

card 1 symbolizes your question:

King of Swords

Past Card

Calm authority and integrity. A helpful older man who won�t sugarcoat words to protect feelings. Incisive intellect. High values that demand hard work.

card 2 represesnts obstacles or supporting influences:

King of Wands

Present Card

Dynamic, stable enthusiasm. The ability to bring ideas to fruition. Someone who symbolizes these strengths. Creative inspiration and help.

cards 3 and 4 present your hopes and fears in reference to your question:

Five of Pentacles

Future Card

An experience of poverty that forces one to look within for greater resources. This poverty may be personified as a lack of wealth or in a sense of emotional sterility.

The Star

overview Card

Success, good fortune,creativity. All is well with the world; your highest hopes are supported by the universe. Any feelings of insecurity and unworthiness are to be banished from your thoughts. Follow your dreams without fear or censure.

cards 5 and 6 offer additional information to be considered:

Two of Pentacles

overview Card

The ability to juggle several situations at once � jobs, opportunities, ideas. Balance between the earthly and the spiritual.

Knight of Pentacles

overview Card

The ability, hard work, and wisdom necessary for creating opportunities for growth, beauty. Movement in this direction. The ability to work hard to create prosperity.

card 7 suggests an overview:

Three of Wands

overview Card

An enterprise about to cumulate in success. The ability to transform goals into realistic action. Business success after a successful launching. Activity with clear intent.



  1. i read it, tried to understand it.

    but still nothing.

    tarot and me. does not mix.

  2. Of course not, engel. Those things have meaning only for those who seek meaning in them.

  3. that cards scare me, even up to know, i don't want to know now what will happen tomorrow, it just scares me

  4. @ thecuriouscat: My mother and grandmother were into the occult when I was young, so I grew up in that environment and thus, I have a healthy respect - as well as skepticism - for these things.

    I don't really set a great store by hula, be it good or bad. I just pick parts of a reading that I like, and willfully ignore the rest. My writings to the contrary, I do not believe that the stars dictate our fates; to a great degree, we do.

    Still, that's not an absolute. I think some things were decided for us long before we were born. But other things were left for us to decide for ourselves.

    People turn to soothsayers and geomancers when they are desperate for some sign of meaning, some semblance of hope - just like religion. And just like religion, I don't accept everything at face value. I once had a reading that said that particular year was going to be very, very bad. I consciously defied it and contrary to the reading, the year turned out to be a fantastic one.

    So if a manghuhula tells me I'm going to marry a foreign woman someday, I just chuckle and say to myself "Well, that's interesting." And if a pastor tells me I'm going to hell because I like guys, I just tell him that I'll ask God myself for a second opinion.

  5. those cards intimidate me..dunno y but they do somehow..i know that it's the person who makes his own destiny but it still scares me to death what those cards may say about me LOLs!

  6. wow.

    share naman the link where you had the reading!

  7. @ SOLTERO : Seriously? Could it just be the imagery? I, for instance, do not like the Devil card, but it's not meant to be taken literally. While I do not know how to read tarot cards myself, I know that for divination they are open to interpretation according to personal experience and standards.

    Also, they're just cards. Whatever arcane and mystical qualities they seem to possess emanate chiefly from our perceptions.

    @ Ternie : Well, like I said, I just did a quick random Google Search for free tarot readings. But the one I clicked on was You can pick from a number of decks;I picked the Burning Question deck for obvious reasons hehe.

    Have fun! Post naman your own question and the corresponding reading if it's not too personal hehe. Just for shits and giggles. :P

  8. @ Ming : The cards have no meaning for you because they came from a reading from a particular question for me. Their symbolism may be fixed, but it is I who interprets their meaning.

    In this case, I waited until this time to post this reading, although the reading came at the time I was troubled by that very question "What will happen tomorrow?" I waited because I wanted to see if events would tally with what the cards said, or not.

    I remarked that it was "uncanny" because the events beyond my control did turn out largely the way the cards said they would. Or perhaps, in hindsight, I just interpreted them that way.

  9. kainis..ang galing nman mag english ni rudeboy! bwahahha :P

  10. hey... i read the the tarot... maybe i could read for you?

  11. I can't read tarot cards but I do believe in hulas only if my father's cousin (my aunt, if that's what they call) did it. She practices chiromancy since I was a in high school and it so happens that some of her hulas were true. (Some, not all)

    Oh, have I told you my Father tremendously believes in hula and any other stuff related to it? Quite scary, though.

    I tried the link. Haha. Thanks for sharing. =)

  12. @ gauxves : That would be sweet. I'm always up for a little reading.

    Oh, and welcome to my blog.

    @ Ronnie : Hope you had fun with the link. I'd take it with a grain of salt, some lime, and a shot of tequila :P

    And yet - the reading remains uncanny.

    @ SOLTERO : Just for the sheer heck of it, I tried another reading with the same site and asked the most shallow, irrelevant question I could think of. And it was : "Will I be famous?"

    Naturally, the very first card to turn up was Death.

    But as I mentioned earlier, you cannot take the cards at face value. "Death," in this instance, meant that something had to die in order for a new existence to begin. And again, in this case, the immediate interpretation merely confirmed a long-standing feeling I've had: that certain unhealthy and unproductive relationships in my life must come to an end - the "death" foretold - in order for me to move on to something better. Not necessarily fame - I would always choose fortune over that :p

    And again - uncanny. Or yet again, merely my take on it.

  13. well that's probably right but I want to experience life as it is and not thinking about what will happen based on what's being foretold, kase i know myself, if alam ko na hindi na ako matatahimik sa kaka-antay nun, masasayang ko na lang ang what's now. pero applicable lang nman 'tong opinion ko sa sarili ko kaya I'd rather not consult siguro but I am not saying that I probably won't (maybe in the near future)

  14. It looks pretty interesting...and I agree, signs mean things for those who seek meaning in them. But I want to give it a go too.

    You're funny. haha. i read your answers to marrying a foreign woman and going to hell because you like guys. so witty.

  15. @ thecuriouscat : I agree that it would be unhealthy to predicate our lives on predictions. The future is largely unknown and therefore there is much in it to fear. But there is also much to look forward to.

    We can't always control what kind of cards life deals us. But we can control how we play them.

    @ Sonia : He-e-e-y-y-y lady. Hope you're having fun with the cards, too.

  16. ako naman sa horoscope nagbabasa kapag mejo hopeless haha

  17. @ Mac : I read the horoscopes the day after - if at all - just to see how spot-on or how off the mark they were.

  18. sabi nga ni mareng zenaida, tayo pa rin ang may hawak ng ating kapalaran... gabay lamang sila kung papaano ito gagawin...