Friday, June 11, 2010


No, I'm not in love.

On the other hand, neither has anyone regaled me with astounding displays of stupidity - well, maybe we can make the star of McVie's latest post an exception.

No, I've simply lost my voice. Literally.

Must be the four consecutive nights of amped-up stress and little sleep trying to get as many commercials on air as I humanly can before every student and pupil in this land get finally settled in their classrooms.

And no, let's not blame my smoking for this. My future heart attack already has dibs on that.

It's fucking annoying trying to chew suppliers out when one sounds like Chuchi. On the plus side, my breaking voice reminded me of the time I hit puberty and for about four agonizing months I sounded like some hyperactive three-year old was given free rein to fiddle around with the pitch settings in my voice box.

Wait, that doesn't sound like something on the plus side. But the joy of discovering my pubes sure was.

But I digress.

After two days of sounding like the mutant child of Rod Stewart, Kim Carnes, and Bonnie Tyler lovingly wrapped in sandpaper, I have officially lost all capacity for human speech. Good thing, though, that like any bona fide Filipino, I can still point with my nguso.

Oh, well. As a certain renowned establishment someplace in Pasay touts: "The thrill is silence."

I'm so ecstatic I could just spit tacks.


Then again, silence does speak volumes.

So until I get my voice back, looks like I'll be taking Tyra's advice and scowl with my eyes.

Sorry, lady, I got nuthin' for ya.


  1. kulang ka sa pahinga. no cold water teh as in.

  2. i told you ruddie, don't swallow unless there's love involved.

    or did you get surprised?


  3. oh dear. nauuso yata. must be the change in weather.

    my doctor gave me a special mouth spray so now i have the power to make certain parts of my mouth numb. what a wonderful power to have! haha

  4. Loved the Ursula pics! Oh, the memories...

  5. @ Marcus : Keep SINGING!!!
    And oh - welcome to my blog.

    @ Nyl : This wouldn't be Kamillosan, would it?

    As for that "wonderful power" - mmmmm. Have you put it to the test yet? :P

    @ engel : Thanks, you sweet, sweet man.

    @ Ternie : Alas, I don't drink protein shakes straight from the tap. Unlike someone I know *gives Ternie the side-eye*

    @ Ming : All my singer colleagues said that's the problem right there: I don't drink enough water.

  6. what's kamillosan?

    and no, i haven't. good boy na ako ngayon eh. haha

  7. wow boses na may sandpaper hahahah! nakalunon ka ba ng desk prior to this?

    i love bonnie tyler. =)