Thursday, March 28, 2013

Home Alone

Like the ancient Israelites abandoning Egypt, pretty much everyone's skipped - or will be skipping town for the annual Semana Santa exodus.

D left for Zambales this morning with three of our friends, to rendezvous at Christiane's parents' beach house for three days of sun, sea, sand, and Mojitos.

My boy is leaving for Laguna tomorrow with his high-school chums, coming back Easter.

Andy is, as per his last FB update, smiling in front of mosques in Brunei, after hopscotching around temples in Vientiane, ruins in Phnom Penh, and yet again the Petronas towers in KL.

One of my music arrangers updates us with his London holiday, and the guy who fixes my laptop has been in Singapore since Monday for his birthday/Holy Week escape.

A fellow producer is currently in Bangkok on post-production, which will then be parlayed into a vacation till Easter. Something I did two years back with no small amount of pleasure.

Even Miguel, my redoubtable whipping boy, has hopped on the last bus to Batangas to return to the peace and quiet of the province.

But since Nena has also headed there on a separate journey, luck will dictate if they'll cross paths and Nena will give Miguel our traditional Holy Week flaying.

I, on the other hand, will be home.




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