Friday, September 30, 2011

Could Be Worse


The goddamned storm went and knocked out the power the whole day Tuesday.

Could be worse: The neighbors in the front part of the compound still don't have electricity up to now.

The storm also toppled two huge trees in front of the house, costing me P1200.00 to have two men with a chainsaw, axe, machete, and strong backs to hack them completely down.

Could be worse: They could have fallen on Mia.

Speaking of, Mia's still in the casa, so I've been using the other car as my daily driver. Last night, as I prepared to pull out of the garage, the stick remained frozen at Park and would not come unstuck no matter what sorcery I attempted.

Could be worse: She could've frozen at Park in the middle of Roxas Boulevard.

And still from last night, I stupidly placed my iPod atop the toilet tank, only to have it slip into the tank when I moved the cover to tug at the chain mechanism.

Could be worse: It could've fallen into the bowl.


Glass-empty, glass-full.

But still...


  1. i hope the rest of your week is better.


    i've had some sort of a similar epiphany lately, and no amount of rationalizations/looking at glasses half-full will change the fact that i didn't get what i want.


  3. @ gillboard : I'm sure you can.

    @ john stan : Oh, I got chills. And they're multiplying. I think I'm coming down with the flu. Yes, it just keeps getting better *sigh*

    @ Ming You can say "shit" here. It's just my blog, not St. Peter's Basilica.

    @ Sean : You mean the weekend I'm probably going to spend bedridden. But thanks!

    @ Ternie : I'm hoping it was just the flu virus talking. I hate spiraling into depression just because bad things happen in quick succession.

    Especially since I'm being called back into action this coming week, to face my most formidable business adversary thus far.

    Good times.

  4. I learned that there are times when we attract bad things to happen to us. haha

    So let me ask you this question: why so serious? bwahahahahhaha

  5. @ Nyl : For the record, this post was an attempt to cancel out my inherent negativity. Ergo, "could have been worse."

    I'm also aware that there are certain schools of thought that say we attract what we think about. I most certainly wasn't thinking about all these stressors, and yet they came freely and unbidden to me.That was what drove me nuts. What I was thinking of was leaving the country again, and maybe for a much much longer spell.

    And no, I wasn't so serious, my smart young man. If I were, this post would've had a totally different tenor.


  6. The hmph was a nice touch. lol

    In my case, I wasn't really inviting any bad thoughts. They just kept coming and coming. Drove me nuts.

    Don't leave the country, Rudeboy. :S