Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oh, Snaps!

Just a few random snaps of Paris.

My hotel.

Conveniently located near the majestic Opera House.

An up-close look.

One of the many massive buildings around 
the Boulevard Haussmann area.

The gloom and the winged statues 
reminded me of "Wings of Desire."

Lonely Boulevard

One of the many beautiful corner buildings 
dotting the arrondissements.

Parisian cafe.

A rotunda somewhere near the Moulin Rouge.

Gare De L'Est. One of Paris' major rail stations, 
where you can board the Eurail to other European cities.


  1. I've always admired corner buildings. Ang ganda siguro nila kunan gamit ang fish-eye lens. I want to live in one! :D

  2. beautiful. at first glance of the lonely boulevard and i thought i was transported back to vienna.

  3. @ Kiks : I wasn't too fond of Vienna, last time I was there. The people were cold and forbidding, just like the architecture.

    Then I remembered that Hitler was born in Austria, and everything made sense.

    @ Ming : Paris would love you too, I bet. Hilton, I mean.

    @ engel : Aw, now now. I got you your Eiffel Tower keychain.

    @ Sean : C'est tellement beau.

    @ Spiral Prince : There's the famous Flatiron building in New York, and of course, our very own El Hogar building at the foot of Jones Bridge in Manila.

    I didn't lug around my fish-eye lens because just the camera with the walkabout lens was heavy enough hehe. Maybe next time I'll do some video coverage instead, if and when I decide to trade up to a 7D.